DromeDairy Australia | A Truly Unique Country Experience in Perth!

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DromeDairy Australia is located in the beautiful Perth Hills, just an hour's drive from Perth. Here, get a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the camels, and enjoy an "out-of-the-city" experience like no other.

Photo Credit: DromeDairy Australia / Facebook

Location: 1012 Morangup Road, Morangup, WA

Opening Hour: Every Saturday, 11am to 3pm (Open Farm Day)
Admission: Free

Here's what you can expect at DromeDairy Australia:

1. Camel Farm Tours

Photo Credit: DromeDairy Australia / Facebook

Meet Australian camels in Perth’s Backyard, and learn more about these often misunderstood desert darlings.

Dairy farmer and cameleer Max Bergmann will take you around the farm and answer all your questions about them.

What's Included?

  • Guided Walking Tour
  • Dairy Tour
  • Camel Facts, Myths and Stories
  • Get close and snap a #camelfie

2. Toodyay Food & Picnic Trail

Along with the Farm's camel experience, you may also embark on the "Toodyay Food & Picnic Trail", a beautiful drive that provides access to local farmers and seasonal produce, such as dates, olive oil, wine, breads, pastured meats, condiments, and more!

Visit the Trails WA Website to learn more about the places to see on your way to Toodyay.

3. Ethically Run Camel Dairy

Photo Credit: DromeDairy Australia / Facebook

Alongside the Camel Farm, DromeDairy Australia also runs an ethical Camel Dairy, "DromeDairy Body + Skin".

The camels here come from Australia’s outback, and are tamed and trained using gentle, trust-based training techniques, which minimises stress on the animals and ensures herd structures are maintained.

Unlike in other dairies, the camel calves are not separated from their mums after birth. They stay with their mums, ensuring they get all the milk they need and maintain a strong bond throughout.

DromeDairy Australia's mission is to save Australia’s camels, build up a valuable industry and help people to feel good in their skin - with its camel milk based skin products.

For more information and updates about DromeDairy Australia, do also visit its Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as its website.

Tell us what do you think in the comments below! Do you already feel excited about planning a trip to DromeDairy Australia? And if you have ever been to DromeDairy Australia, do share with us your experience as well!


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