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Perth is one of Australia’s favourite locations for beachside fun and relaxation. Here's a roundup of some of the most family-friendly beaches (including the hidden gems!) in Perth for a great day out with the kids!

Last updated: 29 June 2022

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1. Yanchep Lagoon

Yanchep Lagoon

Photo Credit: Flickr

Location: 10 Brazier Road, Yanchep
Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, kiosk, parking, lifeguard-patrolled

Yanchep Lagoon makes a great weekend holiday destination, and while urban sprawl has reined in to be part of suburbia, better roads make heading up to this beach a very worthwhile proposition.

The reef at Yanchep Lagoon is about 20 metres from the shore, which creates a sheltered swimming hole for young children. The well-protected waters of the beach are shallow with low waves making it an excellent place to snorkel, and also introduce children to fishing.

If time permits, do consider visiting the Yanchep National Park, which is located nearby.

2. Rockingham Beach

Rockingham Beach

Photo Credit: Destination Perth

Location: Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham
Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, cafes, playgrounds, BBQ pits, picnic tables, pram-accessible

Situated on the sheltered waters of Cockburn Sound, and with the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park located just 500 metres offshore, Rockingham Beach is truly a haven for beach lovers.

The calm and protected waters of Rockingham Beach run along the fantastic Rockingham Foreshore, which makes it a great beach destination for young families. The Pirate Playground is a popular feature at the foreshore park too.

There are many other family beaches around the Rockingham area as well, such as Palm Beach, Mangles Bay, Waikiki Beach, Secret Harbour Beach and Golden Bay Beach.

3. Hillarys Boat Harbour Beach

Hillarys Boat Harbour Beach

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Location: 86 Southside Drive, Hillarys
Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, cafes, playground, entertainment, parking, BBQ pits, picnic area, lifeguard-patrolled

Situated to the north of Perth, Hillary's Boat Harbour Beach is one of Perth's most popular spots during the summer and boasts a host of wonderful attractions.

There are shade sails on the wide beach to sit under, as well as lots of grassed areas to sit on for a picnic.

The sheltered kids' beach is located within the marina, with very gentle and shallow waters. There is also a playground, complete with a pontoon with a slippery slide. 

Hillary's Boat Harbour Beach is also easily accessible by public transport, with regular bus services running throughout the day.

4. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

Photo Credit: Flickr

Location: Marine Parade, Cottesloe
Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, cafes, playground, picnic areas, lifeguard-patrolled

With gentle waves, grassy terraces, white sand, plenty of shade and several playgrounds in the area, Cottesloe Beach is a great and popular destination for young families, and even for those who simply want to relax and/or enjoy a picnic sesh.

With beautiful Norfolk pines and the stunning Indiana Teahouse building as a backdrop, one can easily mistake Cottesloe Beach for a European resort. It is no wonder the beach is Perth’s most iconic and photographed beach. So the next time you're visiting Cottesloe Beach, be sure to bring your camera along!

If you’re a Perth visitor without a car, it’s also easy to reach Cottesloe Beach by train.

5. Penguin Island Beaches

Penguin Island Beaches

Photo Credit: West Australian Explorer

Facilities available: Toilets, park

The sheltered waters on the south side of Penguin Island are calm and shallow, making them ideal for small children to swim in. Some of the beaches over there also have shady grassed areas, which are ideal for picnics!

BYKidO Note: Penguin Island is open daily from September 15 to early June and is closed for the winter penguin nesting season (the day after the Western Australia Day Public Holiday to September 14). During the winter closed season, The Winter Wildlife Cruise continues to operate daily subject to weather.

6. Mullaloo Beach 

Mullaloo Beach

Photo Credit: Like A Local Guide

Location: Off Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo
Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, cafes, park, picnic areas, BBQ pits, playgrounds, lifeguard-patrolled

The long, wide sandy beach at Mullaloo is perfect for families, complete with sun shelters and crystal clear waters. A grassy park lies behind the beach, where there are two great playgrounds, lots of shade and plenty of room for a game of ball.

7. Rottnest Island (The Basin and Thomsons Bay)

Rottnest Island

Photo Credit: Australian Traveller

Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, kiosk, park

Rottnest Island is known for its distinctive wildlife and stunning family friendly beaches.

The Basin, which got its name because of its unique underwater 'pools' and shelves within its sheltered cove, is protected by the reef. Characterised by the weathered sandstone rocks, which surround it and its crystal clear, turquoise waters, the Basin is a hot favourite beach destination as it’s located between the main settlement at Thompson Bay and Longreach Bay.

The Basin also has a sheltered swimming area, which is perfect for families with young kids.

On hot summer days, many families can be seen cycling here early in the morning or in the late afternoon, when the sun is less intense. Even on cool days when swimming isn't ideal, it's a beautiful place to ramble around and do some beach-combing - you might even be able to spot a sea lion in the deserted waters if you look hard enough!

Thomsons Bay is another popular spot due to its lovely, clear and shallow waters.

8. Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Photo Credit: Coogee Life

Location: Powell Road, Coogee
Facilities available: Toilets, changing facilities, BBQ pits, picnic areas, playground, cafe, lifeguard-patrolled

Coogee Beach is a sheltered beach, where there is generally no surf. Kids can also swim in the shady spot under the jetty or take their fishing rod along. 

9. Port Coogee Marina Beach

Port Coogee Beach

Photo Credit: Kids Around Perth

Location: Maraboo Wharf, North Coogee
Facilities available: Water play area, picnic areas, cafe

Situated near the Coogee Beach, the Port Coogee Marina Beach is also a great shallow and sheltered beach for families.

There's also a water play area for the kids and undercover picnic areas. Parents can also get their coffee fix at the nearby Dome Café.

10. Rosslare Beach


Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Location: Clarecastle Retreat, Mindarie
Facilities available: Toilets, park, playground, picnic tables

Rosslare Beach is a hidden beach in an enclave found at Mindarie Marina. The water at the small beach is shallow and very calm ‚Äď great for floating around in a blow-up dinghy!

11. Mettam Pools, Trigg

Mettam’s Pool

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Location: 276 West Coast Drive, North Beach
Facilities available:  Toilets, changing facilities, picnic tables, pram and wheelchair-accessible`

Situated at the north end of the popular Trigg Beach, Mettam's Pool is another great spot for an adventurous family day out. A natural pool surrounded by protecting reef, its calm waters are perfect for the little ones to splash around in and for older kids to snorkel in (and to get up-close with lots of fish and starfish!).

There is also a ramp that runs down to the water, making it ideal for prams and wheelchairs.

12. The Lido

The Lido

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Location: The Lido, Mandurah
Facilities available: Toilets, playground, picnic tables, BBQ pits

The Lido,¬†otherwise known as Mandurah Children‚Äôs beach,¬†is¬†found¬†right over the footbridge from Dolphin Quay. The¬†man-made¬†beach is particularly¬†popular with¬†little¬†ones as it‚Äôs so calm.¬†It‚Äôs¬†also¬†right next to¬†Keith Holmes Reserve,¬†where there‚Äôs two¬†playgrounds ‚Ästan ideal venue for a family BBQ.

13. Bathers Beach, Fremantle

Bathers Beach, Fremantle

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

This small but pretty beach is situated in one of the most historical areas of Western Australia, and is close to heritage landmarks and local attractions, such as the famous Round House and the Maritime Museum. Although it's surrounded by suburban Fremantle, it's a nice little spot to come to for a picnic and/or swim.

Access to the beach is via an old whalers' tunnel, a feature that children will absolutely love.

Bathers Beach is extremely accessible and just a few minutes' walk from Fremantle Railway Station.

14. Port Beach, Fremantle

Port Beach

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Location: Port Beach Road, North Fremantle

With its gentle waves, Port Beach is very suitable for children and ocean swimmers.

15. Leighton Beach, North Fremantle

Leighton Beach, North Fremantle

Photo Credit: Australia Swims

Location: Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle

This family-friendly beach is a great spot for swimming and having a picnic/BBQ party. There are takeaway food options close by, plus a designated dog beach.

16. South Beach, South Fremantle

South Beach, South Fremantle

Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Location: Ocean Drive, South Fremantle

South Beach is ideal for families, with a playground, lots of shaded areas, walking tracks and even a dog beach. There's also a café on site serving meals and takeaway snacks.

17. Point Walter, Bicton

Location: Honour Avenue, Bicton

While technically located along the banks of the Swan River, Point Walter has several sandy spots on the shallow water, with plenty of shade, two playgrounds and a cafe and takeaway kiosk.

18. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach

Photo Credit: Flickr

Location: The Esplanade, Scarborough
Facilities available: Water activities, free wi-fi, playground, pram-accessible, BBQ pits, cafes

Scarborough Beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches in Perth. Featuring gorgeous white sand and bright blue waves, there is an array of water activities to try at Scarborough, such as swimming, surfing, snorkelling and windsurfing. The kiddos can also explore the newly opened children’s playground.

What's more, the beach also has free wi-fi - so you can stay connected while you chill out on the sand!

19. City Beach

City Beach

Photo Credit: Flickr

Location: Challenger Parade, City Beach

City Beach has two playgrounds, picnic areas, beachside BBQ pits, drinking water and dozens of family-friendly restaurants, cafes and eateries close by.

The beach is also located close to a range of public transport options, and there’s plenty of parking for those who prefer to drive.

20. Floreat Beach

Floreat Beach

Photo Credit: Australia Swims

Location: West Coast Highway, Floreat

Floreat Beach is a popular spot for families, with lots of shaded areas, picnic tables, a shaded playground and a café right on the beachfront.


Have we tempted you to go on a beach day out? Tell us if you have a favourite beach that's on (or not on) the list! 



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