5 Ways to Show Your Dad You Appreciate Him this Father’s Day

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A father is like a lighthouse, a reassuring presence that’s always there, ready to guide you if you’re feeling lost. Or so we believe.

While we’re very busy growing up and planning our own lives, we sometimes forget that our father is growing older as well. He might not always be there. Consider telling him “thank you”, spend more time with him and show him you love him. It’ll go a long way to assuring him and give him warmth.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is a great time to show him how much you care for him. Here are 5 ways you can show appreciation to your dad.

1. Show It with a Handmade Gift

Handmade card
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Even if you’re not an artist and your handiwork is not at a professional level, your appreciation and love for your father are sure to come through with a gift you made thinking of your father. Handmade cards, “#1 Dad” medals, “Best Dad” certificates, and customized photo frames, are just some DIY ideas if you need inspiration.

2. Show It with a Stress Reliever

Relaxing with a beer
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Different people have different ways to relieve stress; some get a massage, some take a walk in the park and some sit back with a cold beer. Find out what’s your dad’s way and gift it to him. If it’s going for a massage, you can give his hands and feet a rub, or even get him a massage package at the spa. If it’s taking a walk, offer to take care of any other chores he might have so he can enjoy the walk without any worries. And if it’s beer he goes for, treat him to a drink (but please do drink in moderation). 

3. Show It with Interest

Spend time with father
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How well do you actually know your father? What his interests are? Maybe very well, maybe not so much. Either way, make it a point to sit down with your father and have a conversation over a drink. Talk to him about his childhood, ask him if he had any other dreams, find out what he was doing in 1980, it could be anything really. Show him that you care and are interested in his life. This could be something that the two of you do weekly or monthly.

4. Show It with Food

Source: Elly Fairytale/pexels

What better way to show your old man your appreciation than a whole decadent cake? If he’s not much of a sweet-lover, you can opt for a meal instead. All the better if you’re cooking but if you’re not too much of a cook, order in a feast of juicy prawns with chilli sauce and roast lamb (or whatever suits your fancy) – the man deserves the best. Food, after all, is not just for nourishing you but it also brings comfort and allows you to bond with each other.

5. Show It with Words

Write a letter
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It’s great to show your dad that you care about him through your actions, such as making him a cuppa and giving him a massage when he’s tired, but every once in a while tell him how much you appreciate him. You don’t have to lavish him with praises, just let him know he’s doing a good job; he’ll feel good hearing that from you.

If you feel awkward or shy communicating your feelings for your dad, you can write him a letter instead. It’ll work just as well!



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