The Pokémon Meets Artists UT Collection Feature Pikachu, Mewtwo and more!

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UNIQLO releases the Pokémon Meets Artists UT collection in October with contributions from Meguru Yamaguchi and James Jarvis!

Release Date: From 25 Oct 2021
Pricing: from $14.90

Expect wild Pokémons to appear at UNIQLO as the global apparel retailer releases the Pokémon Meets Artists UT (UNIQLO T-shirt) collection from 25 Oct 2021. Featuring adult and kids T-shirts and sweatshirts, this collection includes contributions from Meguru Yamaguchi, a New York-based artist who has become well known in his native country of Japan, and James Jarvis, a renowned British artist.

Meguru uses his signature brush strokes to show courageous Pokémon in battle. The meticulous work and colours result in highly refined fashion items. James Jarvis presents playful Pokémon with cartoon-style illustrations. The simple, distinctive treatments of both artists enhance the individuality of Pokémon.

Kids T-Shirt

Each T-shirt is available at $14.90, the line-up will be released later in the year. See a selection of designs below. 


Adult T-Shirt & Sweatshirts

Adult T-shirts are available at $19.90, and sweatshirts at $29.90. These will be available from 25 Oct 2021. See a selection of designs below. 


The collection will be available at UNIQLO stores islandwide and online. Sweatshirts available at Orchard Central Global Flagship, ION Orchard and online stores



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