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9 Places with Storytime Videos for Kids to Watch before Bedtime

Bedtime stories, a tradition in many families, are a great way to not only bond with your little ones and allow them to relax their mind, but it also stimulates their imagination and improves their literacy. You can pick a book of your choice, snuggle up with your little ones and start reading together. You can even switch it up with an ebook or even stream a video of a storytelling session (which are even great when you have to wash the dishes in the afternoon and can’t sit and read with your kids)! Here are 9 places where you can stream storytelling videos for your little ones! 1. World Book Day Source: World Book Day Under The Big Little...

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Subscription Waived! Free Stories and Audibles for Kids from Amazon,

Audible Stories, an Amazon company is waiving subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages! You can now stream a collection of stories from your devices!  As the COVID-19 situation develops across the world, we have seen cities and countries locked-down and families asked to stay home. On the positive side, we have seen companies step-up with various online initiatives to help families stay occupied (and for parents to keep sane).  From parents who share activities to do at home to virtual tours around the world's greatest landmarks, and now Amazon has stepped forward to waive off subscription of books and audio stories from  Also See: Video of 5 Easy-to-do Activities with Kids at...

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