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5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep

Whether you’ve just finished a series or are looking to start one now, searching for a good series to watch always ends up becoming hours-long search. Just when you hesitantly decide to settle on one, the next you know, it’s bright outside, the birds are chirping and your kid is jumping on you. We know the pain all too well. But don’t worry, we’ve got your next to-watch covered. Here are 5 Netflix series you can binge watch after you put the kids to sleep in just one night (probably)! 1. After Life Photo credits Netflix Episodes: 6 After Life is a black comedy series that follows Tony, a man whose life turned upside down after his wife’s death. His...

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6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Wife

Did you know that the third Sunday in September of every year is Wife Appreciation Day? So, here are 6 ways you show your wife you appreciate her and shower her with oodles of love and care! And in case you were wondering, Husband Appreciation Day falls on the third Saturday in April. 1. Surprise Her with Flowers It might sound like a cliché idea but most woman do love flowers. You can have the flowers delivered to her or you can personally deliver it to her when she least expects it and she’ll be delighted and pleasantly surprised. 2. Look After the Kids to Give Her a Day Off Look after your little ones for the day so that...

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7 Spas in Singapore for Couples to Relish and Feel Rejuvenated

We love our little ones but sometimes there’s nothing better than a well-deserved vacation away from their little mischiefs to pamper ourselves. However, we might not always have the luxury of getting away for days and on those days, you can hit up a spa with your spouse. Here are 7 spas in Singapore to check out, all you need is a few hours to rejuvenate your body and soul! 1. Imperial Apple Spa Photo credits Imperial Apple Spa Experience a soothing body massage, oriental style, over at the Imperial Apple Spa. Not only are their prices affordable, they are also open until late. You can drop in after work for some refreshing foot rubs which will have you settled...

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8 Unique Budget Date Ideas (that's almost free) for Married Couples

Whether you’re newly married or have been married for ten years, continuing to date your spouse is important. Not only does it help to keep the spark of romance alive, it also helps you to stay connected with your loved one in a hubbub life. While catching a movie seems to be the general to-do for dates, why not switch it up? After all, doing things you’ve not done before helps you learn things about your partner that you’ve not known before! Here are 8 unique date ideas for married couples.   1. Put Together a Scrapbook Source Memories of your first date with your spouse, your wedding and the birth of your little ones are all so precious. However,...

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8 Date Ideas Under $50 in Asia

This article is contributed by Travelling with kids is an incredible experience for the whole family. Asia has the power to delight, entertain, and it really makes for a magical trip. Whichever country you’re in, you’ll find something that will put a smile on the face of mum, dad, and the kids. However, when you’re in a hot and humid environment, things can easily change! Kids can get bored, parents can get irritable, and sometimes you need a little time apart to diffuse any tension. So, leave your kids in some reliable childcare and check out these 8 date ideas in Asia for less than $50 – which will hopefully take you back to right where it all began!...

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