5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep

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Whether you’ve just finished a series or are looking to start one now, searching for a good series to watch always ends up becoming hours-long search. Just when you hesitantly decide to settle on one, the next you know, it’s bright outside, the birds are chirping and your kid is jumping on you.

We know the pain all too well. But don’t worry, we’ve got your next to-watch covered. Here are 5 Netflix series you can binge watch after you put the kids to sleep in just one night (probably)!

1. After Life

5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep - After Life
Photo credits Netflix

Episodes: 6

After Life is a black comedy series that follows Tony, a man whose life turned upside down after his wife’s death. His personality does a 180-turn from a nice guy to an impulsive, impetuous grumpy man. Each episode runs for about 30 minutes and you can easily finish the whole season in one sitting.

And if you liked what you saw, you’ll be happy to know that After Life is getting a season 2 which is said to be released in 2020.  

2. Marianne

5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep - Marianne
Photo credits Netflix

Episodes: 8

You want to make sure the kids are definitely asleep for this one. Marianne is a French horror TV series cantered around a young author who discovers that her nightmares are not confined to her dreams but are unleashed into the real world. The series is reputed to be one of the scariest series on Netflix, so you might want to sit this one out if you’re not a horror fan. Although fear might have it seem like it lasts forever, each episode of Marianne is just 50 minutes long. 

3. Mindhunter

5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep - Mindhunter
Photo credits Netflix

Episodes: 10 + 9

The Mindhunter is a thriller series based on the true-crime book, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit. Thus far, the series has got two seasons—Season 1 with 10 episodes, which was released in 2017, is set in the late 1970s while Season 2 with 9 episodes, which came out this year, is set in the early 1980s. While each episode is an hour long, true crime enthusiasts won’t even be able to tell time passing. Who knows, you might even finish both seasons at one go?

4. Top Boy

5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep - Top Boy
Photo credits Netflix

Episodes: 4 + 4 + 10

Top Boy revolves around the lives of people involved in drug dealing and street gangs, bringing to screen a combination of realistic socio-political issues, crime, drama and bleak humor.  

The series first aired in 2011 but was later dropped after season 2. Now years later it has been revived. You should watch the first two seasons (Top Boy: Summerhouse), which is a total of 8 episodes, before diving into the third and newest season of the series. 18 episodes might seem like a lot, in which case you can keep seasons 1 and 2 for one day and season 3 for the next.

5. Unbelievable

5 Netflix Series You Can Binge in a Night After The Kids Fall Asleep - Unbelievable
Photo credits Netflix

Episodes: 8

Unbelievable is a gut-wrenching and gripping series based on a true story about a young girl who was accused of lying about being raped. The story follows Marie Adler, who already traumatized by sexual assault and was further traumatized by the people who she thought she could trust, in tandem with two female detectives who are working together to investigate what appears to be a serial rape case.


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