8 Unique Budget Date Ideas (that's almost free) for Married Couples

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Whether you’re newly married or have been married for ten years, continuing to date your spouse is important. Not only does it help to keep the spark of romance alive, it also helps you to stay connected with your loved one in a hubbub life.

While catching a movie seems to be the general to-do for dates, why not switch it up? After all, doing things you’ve not done before helps you learn things about your partner that you’ve not known before!

Here are 8 unique date ideas for married couples.  

1. Put Together a Scrapbook

Put Together a Scrapbook

Memories of your first date with your spouse, your wedding and the birth of your little ones are all so precious. However, our memories are not always very reliable, so why not start a scrapbook filled with all your precious memories?

Not only will you get to reminisce all your time together as you build your scrapbook, you can also continue adding to it as you get older!

2. Create a Time Capsule

Create a Time Capsule

You can create a time capsule for yourselves, for each other or even your little ones to reopen years (or maybe months if you rather not wait that long) later. As for what to put in? You could put in letters to your future selves, wedding mementos, your treasured items such as a gift from a loved one, or even a scrapbook.

3. Open Up a Dance Floor

Open Up a Dance Floor

Dancing is a great stress reliever. You don’t have to be a pro or take any class to dance with your partner. Clear up a bit of a space in your living room, put on some music and let the beat take over you, be it waltz or dirty dancing or just disco dancing. To heighten the mood, you can even switch off the lights and light up some candles.

Not a dancer? No worries, instead of a dance floor, you can open up a karaoke floor and sing a duet with your spouse.

4. Have an Indoor Picnic

Have an Indoor Picnic

A picnic doesn’t necessarily have to be outdoors. Whether you couldn’t caretaker for your little ones or you’re too tired to drag yourself out, an indoor picnic is an ideal solution.

You can pack a picnic basket filled with your favorite munchies, spread out a picnic mat in your room, maybe uncork a bottle of wine while you cuddle up with your spouse for a laidback evening.

5. Play a Match of Badminton

 Play a Match of Badminton

If you and your other half enjoy being active, a match of badminton might do you good. Of course, it doesn’t have to be badminton, it could be any other sports the both of you enjoy—soccer, swimming, cycling, basketball, etc. You’ll get to spend time with your loved one and get some exercise done at the same time, its 2 birds in 1 stone.

6. Pamper Yourselves with a Spa Night

Pamper Yourselves with a Spa Night

Sometimes you’re so busy taking care of your little ones, you forget to take care of yourself. Set a night aside when you’ve put your kids to sleep to pamper yourself with a little skincare. And while you’re at it, pull your spouse into it and make a date out of it.

Get in a tub for a bubble bath and give each other a shoulder massage. Soak your feet in some warm water, put on a face mask and engage your partner. It could be about anything, from serious talk to silly chat, like what’s happening in your life or how you can recite the lines of Frozen better than your spouse. It’s all about unwinding and connecting with your other half.  

7. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer Your Time

There are so many places and causes for which you can volunteer your time for with your partner, from picking up trash at the beach to helping out at The Soup Kitchen (this is also a great idea for some quality parent-child bonding session).

8. Set Off on A Food Trail

Set Off on A Food Trail

If you love trying out new food and checking out new places, you can create food trails to make your meal experiences more fun.

For example, you could dine in at a different restaurant serving Italian cuisine each time you go out with your other half and it will be a part of your ‘Italian Food Trail’. Once you’ve tried out all the Italian restaurants, you can move on to the next cuisine.

It doesn’t have to be a cuisine of a particular country, it could even be a ‘Pizza Food Trail’ or ‘Chili Crab Food Trail’ if that’s your cup of tea.



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