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Pandora introduces the Disney Princess charms! Channel your inner Disney Princess and express your individuality through these unique charms.

Available: All Pandora Stores and Online
Prices: From $89

Take inspiration from the heroines of your favourite Disney stories and make your days shine brighter with Disney x Pandora charms that remind you of each princesses strengths. Whether you’re courageous like Disney’s Cinderella, inquisitive like Rapunzel, curious like Ariel, ambitious like Tiana or strong willed like Jasmine, let them motivate you to be the best version of yourself!

It's also a great gift for little girls who yearn to be a modern day Princess! The stories of the Disney princesses redefines what it means to be a princess and how the power of courage, kindness and confidence always makes your days shine brighter.

The Disney Princess Charms

For each Disney princess inspired charm, Pandora’s skilled craftspeople carefully apply the glossy, enamel details by hand using a syringe. The translucent, the glitter and the transparent enamel on top of polished silver gives a metallic look.

Confident Tiana

Be confident with the Disney Princess Tiana And The Frog Charm ($89), featuring Tiana in a glittery yellow and green enamel dress that’s decorated with a silver flower detail, and her crown.

Inquisitive Rapunzel 

Find where you’re meant to go with the Disney Tangled Rapunzel Charm ($89), featuring Rapunzel in a glittery lilac enamel dress with lavender flower details.

Kind & Hardworking Cinderella 

The Disney Cinderella Charm ($89) reminds us to be kind and hardworking like Cinderella, who is featured here in her signature blue dress, headband and earrings. 

Strong-willed Jasmine 

Go on a magic carpet ride with the Disney Aladdin Jasmine Charm ($89), featuring Jasmine in a glittery blue enamel clothing, accessorised with colourful
translucent yellow enamel earrings and necklace.

Curious Ariel

Explore under the sea with the Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Charm ($89), featuring Ariel’s colourful translucent green enamel tail, purple translucent enamel top and hair accessory.

Put It Together - Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

A sparkling Disney Pandora Moments Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet ($179) to carry all¬†your Disney x Pandora Princesses charms, featuring a pav√© crown outline on the front and an¬†engraving on the back that say ‚ÄúNever give up on your dreams‚ÄĚ. A small heart in Pandora‚Äôs unique¬†14k Gold Plated metal blend dangles from underneath the heart clasp. The heart is set with a¬†clear stone surrounded by a star shape.¬†

This unique chain bracelet celebrates the unique personality of each Pandora woman and each Disney Princess, whilst also celebrating what connects them: their kind hearts and determination to never give up on their dreams.

Where Can You Get Them

The Disney x Pandora Princesses collection is available at all Pandora stores and online, prices from $89.


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