Gift Blessings to Your Little Ones with Pandora's Chinese New Year Collection 2022

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Usher in a prosperous Lunar New Year by giving your little ones the gift of strength, protection and good fortune with Pandora's Chinese New Year Collection 2022.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Pandora has launched a series of delicately handcrafted charms inspired by Chinese history and mythical creatures from traditional folklore. These charms symbolise deep meanings of strength, wealth and good fortune.

A symbol of strength, courage and respect, never be afraid of what lies ahead with the¬†Chinese Tiger Charm¬†($149) - a 14k¬†rose gold-plated charm sparkled with lucky phlox pink crystals. Regarded as the king of all animals, the Chinese character ‚ÄėÁéč (Wang)‚Äô - which translates to ‚ÄėKing‚Äô, is aptly engraved on its forehead as an emblem of your triumphant victory against any adversity.

With reference to the virtuous Phoenix and its rebirth capabilities, the majestic Chinese Mythical Phoenix Dangle Charm ($99) symbolises eternal peace, good fortune and renewed hopes for the year. Take flight into the new year and ignite your inner fire and passion as you celebrate new beginnings with this sterling silver charm. 

Pandora’s 14k gold-plated Chinese Fortune Pixiu Charm ($129) is designed in the likeness of the mythical Pixiu, a powerful protector of treasure.

This exquisite charm¬†features the iconic dragon‚Äôs head with a lion‚Äôs body that comes with a pair of feathered wings on the back, shining clear cubic zirconia for its eyes and a gold coin in its mouth engraved with the Chinese character ‚ÄėŤ≤°¬†(Cai)‚Äô ‚Äď which translates to ‚ÄėFortune‚Äô. Keep it close to you and touch it frequently to draw luck to yourself all year round.

You can also attract more good fortune by stacking on other auspicious charms, such as the Red Daruma Doll Charm ($89), Good Fortune Carp Fish Dangle Charm ($129), and Spinning Lucky Dangle Charm ($159), among others. 

Pandora also offers three gift sets featuring the new charms with either a Red Woven Leather Bracelet or Pandora Moments O Pendant carrier.

The Pandora Chinese New Year Collection 2022 is available at all Pandora stores and Estore. 

With  every purchase at all Pandora boutiques, from 17 Jan 2022, you will be entitled to a set of Pandora's new eco-friendly ang pao. Each set contains 10 pieces of ang pao made from 100% recycled paper and printed with Soy Ink. 

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