Enter The Wondrous Wizarding World With Harry Potter x Pandora Latest Collection

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This October, relive magical moments from the iconic and wondrous Wizarding World with Pandora's newest addition to the Harry Potter x Pandora Collection!

Incorporating new craftsmanship and designs for extra that bit of extra magic, get ready for another collection you won’t want to miss this!

Harry Potter, Hedwig Spinning Dangle Charm

Price: $129

Run quick and don’t look back! Step up to platform 9 3/4 as you get ready to board the Hogwarts Express with the Harry Potter, Hedwig Spinning Dangle Charm. 

A unique two-toned metal charm of 14k gold-plated and sterling silver, this charm comes with a spinnable function for a fun touch. An excited and thrilling adventure awaits with this charm that features an intricate 3D detail of the 9 3/4 platform motif, suitcases, and Harry’s beloved owl, Hedwig, to guide you on your journey.

Harry Potter, Golden Snitch Stud Earrings


Price: $99

Have a go at the popular game of Quidditch, or display your love of the sport with the Harry Potter, Golden Snitch Stud Earrings.

A new sparkle for this collection, these earrings are made in a 14k gold-plated unique metal blend with intricate detailing, replicating the Golden Snitch. Catch the Snitch before the seeker does and never let it go!

Harry Potter, Winged Key Pendant

Price: $149

Brave the flock of enchanted Flying Keys as you find the Winged Key to unlock the door that guards the Philosopher’s stone, with the Harry Potter, Winged Key Pendant.

This pendant comes in 14k gold-plated unique metal blend and features a design that resembles The Broken Winged Key. A first for Pandora, this magical pendant incorporates a new enameling technique, plique-à-jour. A vitreous enameling technique, this technique makes the enamel look like a miniature version of stained-glass. Watch the light dance through the coloured enamels that glistens with a gradient effect as you find the missing key.

Harry Potter, Snape Doe Patronus Dangle Charm

Photo Credits: Pandora


Price: $129

‘Expecto Patronum!’ Protect yourself from the dark forces of Lord Voldemort that looms with the Harry Potter, Snape Doe Patronus Dangle Charm. Never be afraid with this double dangle charm with an openwork design that embodies this powerful defensive spell.

Designed with the silvery white guardian doe that protected Harry Potter, and intricate details depicting the Forbidden Forest, be transported back to the iconic scene where this spell was first casted. In addition, this charm also symbolises the undying love that Snape had for Lily, Harry’s mother, as reflected in the engraved word “Always” on the polished back of second disc. Carry this charm as a projection of hope and happiness, keeping it close to your heart. Shine brightly against all evil forces with this sterling silver charm, dazzled with a 24-bead set round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia.

This season, experience the magic once more and be transported back to the enchanted world filled with love, companionship, endless surprises and adventures.

Harry Potter x Pandora latest collection is now available at all Pandora stores and estore. #HarryPotterxPandora #PandoraSG


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