Harry Potter At Home: JK Rowling Launches Hub For Kids At Home

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The Wizarding World just got bigger, and this might be a great time for parents to introduce their kids to Harry Potter with the Harry Potter At Home hub! 

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has launched an online Harry Potter hub to keep children entertained at home. Together with Audible, Bloomsbury, OverDrive, Pottermore Publishing and Scholastic, they have worked together to put many Harry Potter resources online for teachers, parents and children! 

The First Harry Potter Audiobook for Free

We previously shared that Audible has waived subscriptions to their service and selected audiobooks on the platform are available free! And now, you may listen to the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Audible too!

Other features available include activity kits from Bloomsbury and Scholastic, as well as articles, puzzles and videos for the little one's enjoyment!

Just the Start

The webpage promises that this is the start of bringing Hogwarts to you, and to keep visiting the Harry Potter At Home hub to be updated on the latest and newest shenanigans happening at the Wizarding World!


I grew up reading Harry Potter, and perhaps its time to introduce the world to my little ones! Did you also grow up with Harry Potter? Tell us in the comments!



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