6 Passes Your Husband Really Wants for Father’s Day But Don't Dare To Ask

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As we wreck our heads over a good Father's Day gift, is there something we intuitively know that they want, but will probably not ask for? 

Handmade cards, decadent cakes, or even that juicy tomahawk steak meal are good and all, but is that really what the father of your child wants? Here are 6 passes your husband has in his head for Father’s Day but don’t dare to ask!

1. Free Shoulder and Feet Rubs

Dad gets his fair share of back pains and muscle aches, gift him a shoulder and feet rubs coupon that he can use at a time he wishes, with the add-on option to get a little naughty-naughty.

2. Home Alone Daddy Edition

Bring your little ones out and leave your husband with the whole house to himself for a day. He’ll be free to slouch on the couch, bingeing on Game of Thrones (or whatever is his favourite series), and eat whatever he wants to, without distraction.  

3. Kids Free, Wife Home

Give your partner and yourself a break from the kids (leave them with a grandparent?). Light the candles, turn on a suitable Netflix movie, change into something romantic... and just let the feelings go.

4. Open Bar at Home

Stock it up and treat your man to a cocktail or alcohol of his choice! He might get a little tipsy, or is that part of the plan? 

5. First to Sleep

Take the kids to bed and relieve your husband from a day of putting your kids to sleep. If he is still awake when you are done, perhaps he was waiting up for you?

6. Game Day

It's only once a year! So keep all the distractions at bay and let your hubby play games all day, without leaving his seat! Add-in a ‚Äúdelivery‚ÄĚ service as a bonus and send in food, snacks, and drinks to his side or simply join in the fun!¬†


So what have you got planned for Father's Day? Tell us in the comments below!



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