Phase 2 Of Singapore's Reopening: What Can Families Do?

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Entering into Phase 2 of Singapore's reopening, social gatherings will be allowed, retail outlets will open, dining in at F&B outlets will be permitted and recreational areas will be made accessible. 

Let's start by stating that, while we are excited that the country is entering into Phase 2 of reopening, and is looking forward to seeing some form of normality, we are not encouraging families to rush out and like to remind everyone to remember to still wear your masks, practice safe distancing, stay home if you or anyone in the family is unwell, and in general be sensible! 

From 19 June 2020, social gatherings of up to 5 persons will be allowed, retail outlets and shopping malls will be open, dining in at F&B outlets will be permitted and recreational areas will be made accessible. With the reopening, here are 7 things that families can now do to have fun! 

1. Dining-in at a Restaurant 

Many families may have bonded over 2 months of home-cooked meals, but the option of being able to dine at an F&B establishment will definitely excite many and their palates too! 

But remember to keep to a maximum of 5 people! 

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2. Go to the Beach

Have you been visiting the beaches virtually? The beaches are finally open and it will be nice to take a stroll with the family along the beaches of East Coast Park or Sentosa! 

3. Dive into a Pool

The kids may have had fun in the tub or bathroom, but nothing beats heading down into the pool! This includes both public pools and pool facilities in private estates. 

4. Head to an Outdoor Playground 


Playgrounds will be allowed to be open! Head to your neighbourhood playground or travel to one of the top outdoor playgrounds in Singapore for swinging and sliding fun! 

5. Shopping

Retail outlets will be allowed to open, but do note that malls have to maintain capacity limits. After months of online shopping, being able to do it offline will seem like a luxury!

6. Visit the Grandparents 

The number of visitors allowed to visit is now up to 5 people and that means we can finally have a nice meal together as an extended family. 

7. Edutainment Programs

If you are looking for me-time or couple-time, edutainment centres are now allowed to open. So know that the option to drop off the kid for an hour or 2 is also available now.

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So tell us in the comments below, what will be the 1st thing you will be looking to do in Phase 2.  



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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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