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Phase 2 Of Singapore's Reopening: What Can Families Do?

Entering into Phase 2 of Singapore's reopening, social gatherings will be allowed, retail outlets will open, dining in at F&B outlets will be permitted and recreational areas will be made accessible.  Let's start by stating that, while we are excited that the country is entering into Phase 2 of reopening, and is looking forward to seeing some form of normality, we are not encouraging families to rush out and like to remind everyone to remember to still wear your masks, practice safe distancing, stay home if you or anyone in the family is unwell, and in general be sensible!  From 19 June 2020, social gatherings of up to 5 persons will be allowed, retail outlets and shopping malls will be open,...

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BYKidO Moments: Mummy Georgina Explores Taiwan with Her Little One!

Sharing of articles from fellow Mummies (and Daddies), to help you Bring Your Kid Out, and create your own BYKidO Moments!  A write-up of a playground visit, a video of a trip overseas or even something educational to help you Bring Your Kid Out! BYKidO Moments are moments for your Parenting Journey! This week's BYKidO Moment is contributed by Mummy Georgina who emailed us about her visit to Taiwan!  1. Song Minsu Photo credits Song Minsu Location: No. 19, Annong 5th Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 269 Date: Daily Admission: Details here Forget about boring hotels where the mini fridge is the most fun thing in the room, Song Minsu, gives you rooms carefully decorated with different themes with slides and swings...

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Places to go this Weekend: Warship Playground @ Sembawang Park

Location: Sembawang ParkDate: DailyHour: 24 hrsAdmission: FREE If you leave in the Sembawang area (or even if you do not), you might be interested to visit the Warship Playground located @ Sembawang Park!  What is the Playground about?  The playground is shaped like a broken Warship which sits in the middle of a sand pit. Visually, it looks like a beached shipwreck waiting to be explored!  See here for more Playgrounds in BYKidO's list of Free Outdoor Playgrounds There are ropes, poles, slides and nets for lots of climbing and jumping.The older ones will definitely enjoy exploring the ship while the younger ones may enjoy themselves playing in the sand!  If you are concern about being dirty, do not worry as there are washing areas located nearby too!  What...

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Bring Your Kid Out to Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh with T32 Dental: Post Activity Review

Location: Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh Date: 26 May 2017  On the 26th of May, BYKidO organised our 6th Play Date! This time, we headed down to Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh with our Partner, T32 Dental Centre!  Over 30 kids joined us for the early morning dental presentation, with LO's from the next-door NurtureStars dropping by too! Also Read: List of Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore (Opening Hrs and Pricing Info) T32 Dental Centre organised such a pleasant surprise for us (even me!) by performing a short skit about Timmy goes to the Dentist!  A short and simple skit to let the LOs understand what to expect when they visit a dentist and it does look like the LOs enjoyed themselves!   Timmy the...

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Places to go this Weekend: Playground @ Seletar Mall

Location: Seletar Mall | 33 Sengkang West Ave, Singapore 797653Date: Daily Hour: 10 am - 10 pm Admission: FREE This week, we stumbled across the little playground located at Level 4 of Seletar Mall! Its not the best playground that we have seen but it has the necessary to keep the LOs entertained!  Click here for our list of Free Outdoor Playgrounds!  Slides - Checked Swing bridge - Checked See Saw - Checked Climbing Wall - sort of checked Swing - sort of checked. These types of "swings" seem to be getting popular, but I prefer the old school (proper) kind! The Playground is partially shaded but what is interesting is the (attempt) to create shaded spots for resting. It does not seem to be working...

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