5 Cool Gadgets for Parents and Kids to Create Family Memories | 2019

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Hate it or love it, technology will take up more of our family time as the society progresses. By using suitable gadgets, we can use technology to help us better create family memories too! 

Here are 5 cool gadgets we found that may help create your family memories! 

HP Sprocket Studio 

Edit and Design Your Own Photos from Smartphone to Printing Effortlessly

Smartphones have made it easier for us to capture our memories in digital photos but not so when we want to print them. With the HP Sprocket Studio, you can now go from phone to print effortlessly and start storing your photos in 4 x 6" high-resolution, frame-worthy, smudge-proof photos that last as long as your memories. Use the dedicated HP Sprocket Studio App to edit your photos with cute frames and stickers, and print them in a few simple taps. 

Pricing: $229 (on HP Store Online)

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Your Kid's Favourite Movie Anywhere Anytime

A great way of bonding is spending quality time with the kids and their favourite movies. Whether at home or overseas, there’s nothing like the feeling of curling up on the couch and watching your favourite movie moments unfold. Introducing the Rayo S1, where you can screen your favourite movies anytime, anywhere. With its lightweight and compact form, the Rayo S1 is built to deliver vivid imaging quality for both indoor and outdoor settings - time to bring it out on your next family trip! 

Pricing: $459 (on Canon Singapore)

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LEGO Hidden Side 

Build and Play Lego in Multiple Ways Using AR

LEGO blocks are a favourite past-time for many families. Parents could engage with their kids through building the LEGO sets and physically playing with the completed sets. And now, with LEGO Hidden Side, families can go on a virtual ghost hunt together through the use of Augmented Reality (AR)! Build the Hidden Side sets as a family, and use the free AR App to hunt and capture the ghost haunting your LEGO set! 

Pricing: Various prices for each set

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NINTENDO Ring Fit Adventure

Play, Exercise and Bond as a Family

A family that exercises together, stays together! With the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, its all the more easier to exercise as a family! Responding to real-world movements, the Nintendo Switch,¬†Ring-Con‚ĄĘ and Leg Strap accessories turn your actions to in-game actions! Now, you may challenge your kids to mini-games on the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure - definitely a fun way to play, exercise and bond as a family at the same time!

Pricing: $123 (on Lazada), price does not include Nintendo Switch

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CANON INSPiCs [C] & [S] 

Snap and Print Your Family Stickers Instantly

While spending time with the kids is important, remembering and treasuring those moments together is equally important. Thankfully, the CANON iNSPiCs [C] and [S] have got you covered for all those cute little moments with your kids you never want to forget. Instantly snap and print those moments at home or abroad with the family and bring those physical prints along with you wherever you go. The prints are smudge-proof and also have a peel-and-stick-reverse side, allowing you to stick it neatly onto the back side of your smartphone. The iNSPiC [S] has the added feature of a built-in LED ring light that circles the camera lens, making it easier to snap up those unforgettable moments at night.

Pricing: (on Canon Singapore)

  • CANON iNSPiCs [C]: $159
  • CANON iNSPiCs [S]: $219

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What do you think of these suggested gadgets? Are there any other gadget that you will like to share with us too? 


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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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