Family Runs with Decathlon: Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids on Their Feet

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Here are some tips and tricks from Decathlon to get you and your family on your feet! 

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With Singapore being home to so many great park connectors and scenic running trails, family runs would be a great way to keep in shape for ourselves and also encourage our kids to stay active.

1. Competition to Motivate

What better way to motivate yourself to improve your running performance than to train and compete in a competition? Surrounded by like-minded running enthusiasts, join the Decathlon Run 2022 and start your journey of becoming a better runner today as your prepare for the event. 

The run features various challenges that allow you to get active anytime and anywhere along with your colleagues while cheering one another on. Whether you’re a beginner runner or a seasoned racer looking to clock your personal best, Decathlon Run 2022 is for you!

Decathlon Run 2022 will be kicking off on 2 May and registrations are now open at $12 per participant. Sign up here from today to 1 May 2022! Sign up as a team of 5 or more (maximum 10) to enjoy 20% discounts on ticketing prices.

Hybrid virtual + physical run challenge

  • 2 - 26 May: Flag off with a 5km Virtual Run anytime, anywhere at your own pace
  • 27 - 29 May: Cross the finish line with a 7km Physical Run at Decathlon Singapore Lab

2. Gear Up for Your Runs

It is important that we wear the proper exercise gear when we do strenuous activities like jogging and running. Not only does the equipment help us to perform better on our runs, but it also helps to prevent possible injuries. New exercise outfits and shoes can also help us feel excited and motivated to get out there and get our hearts pumping!

Wearing the right running apparel and accessories is very important for your race ‚Äď the key is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes to have a stress-free race. Wearing old shoes may result in a lack of cushioning, whereas wearing new shoes may result in blisters. So ensure that you give your running shoes a test run before D-Day. Check out Decathlon‚Äôs sports advice page to see what is the best type of shoe for everyone in your family based on individual foot type and capabilities.

As for clothes, it is important to prioritise comfort when running long distances, especially in Singapore’s warm, sunny weather. Choose from Decathlon’s wide variety of breathable and affordable running outfits that are lightweight on the skin. These outfits absorb perspiration and help to wick it away fast. Enjoy only the best freedom of movement in Decathlon’s wide-cut apparel to help run to the best of your ability. 

3. Before Your Family Run, Warm Up Together

Warm up is an important part of any exercise, especially for jogging and running. It helps to increase blood flow to our muscles and reduce the risk of muscle soreness and injury during and after our runs. Fatigue and pain would definitely be huge demotivators for everyone after exercise that could possibly stop us from working out again. Let us all duly do our warm ups to keep us in the spirit! 

Shaiy Daquiz, Decathlon’s UI/UX designer and a running enthusiast, suggests that you and your children do some stretching before heading off. Stretch and open up your hips by doing inchworms, frankenstein or brisk walking. Warm up your ankles properly by doing ankle circles, standing heel lifts, toe-heel walks and lunges to avoid any ankle injuries. 

For more tips and tricks on running, feel free to reach out to Shaiy Daquiz, and she’d be more than happy to answer any questions. Her goal is to help everyone get into an active lifestyle to keep fit and stay healthy.

4. Search for the Best Running Routes

Singapore is home to so many beautiful park connectors and running trails across the island. No matter where you stay, Decathlon has picked out some of the most scenic running routes around Singapore for you to take your clan for your next run jog. 

Whether you live in the North, South, East, West or Central part of Singapore, keep every run interesting and train against the backdrop of picturesque skies and marvellous sunrises and sunsets. A beautiful backdrop for your run will be an excellent motivator to keep you on your feet and will keep every run fresh and interesting as you discover new places to explore.

5. Stick Together During Your Runs

Runs can get tiring when you are going the distance. As a result, the kiddos may get tired and demoralised from continuing on the journey. It is important for you to be encouraging and cheer your children on to finish the runs. You can go slower, but never stop running! 

This could be a good opportunity to lead by example and teach valuable lessons on perseverance and resilience. 

6. Active Recovery

After a hearty run, it is important that we cool down and stay hydrated. When you run, you lose a lot of precious water through sweating and heat dissipation. It is essential that you drink more water to replenish your electrolytes, retain fluids, and cool down to minimise the risks of muscle injury. 

Shaiy recommends rolling your knees and ankles to improve mobility and prevent them from cramping after your rounds. 

7. Eating Healthy

Sports Recovery Aptonia Chocolate Cereal Bar ($3.50)

All that hard work of exercising and sweating could get you famished. You should fuel your body with lots of protein and good carbs to give you energy. Some of our top recommendations would include the Sports Recovery Powder Peach and Chocolate Cereal Bar. They are both delicious and nutritious!

Image credits: Decathlon 



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