Fan-Favourite Sanrio Characters Make A Comeback With 7-Eleven’s Latest Shop And Earn Stamps Programme

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7-Eleven has launched a new collection of eight coin banks featuring the beloved Sanrio characters – Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Ahiru no Pekkle and many more!

7-Eleven Launches New Sanrio Coin Bank Collection

Photo Credits: 7-Eleven

Usher in the Lunar New Year with fan-favourite Sanrio characters as they make a comeback with 7-Eleven’s latest Shop and Earn Stamps Programme! 7-Eleven has launched a new collection of eight coin banks featuring the beloved Sanrio characters – Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Ahiru no Pekkle and many more. This new range is available at 7-Eleven stores across Singapore, so hurry and get your hands on a trusty Sanrio assistant to help you achieve your money-saving New Year’s resolution!

These adorable Sanrio Coin Banks make money-saving enjoyable and double up as lucky charms that can bring you prosperity and good luck. Each coin bank comprises a Sanrio character holding a golden coin symbolising good fortune! These individually designed coins are detachable and imprinted with unique patterns of the Sanrio characters’ best buddies.

Want to check how much you’ve saved? Quickly check your balance by gently opening the top of the coin bank anytime for a sneak peek.

The Sanrio Squad

This collection of Sanrio Coin Banks comes in eight irresistibly charming colours and designs. From vibrant hues to endearing patterns, this range adds a playful touch to your savings routine, making it both practical and delightful.

Hello Kitty 

With a fanbase transcending age and geography, this kawaii kitty cat is bound to brighten up your room with its iconic red bow and cute whiskers. Feed her your loose change and watch your savings grow with every clink and purr! Uncover the charm of Hello Kitty's little teddy bear companion, Tiny Chum, with the golden coin included with the bank.

Ahiru no Pekkle

Ditch the dull piggy bank and “quack” open your savings with Ahiru no Pekkle! A lovable duck character known for his passion for sports and outdoor activities, his enthusiasm makes him the best companion for young-at-heart individuals who wish to dream big and save smart. Also, look out for the golden coin featuring Pekkle’s swim instructor, Pitchi!

Minna no Tābō

Minna no Tābō is a helpful and friendly anthropomorphic boy with distinctive spiky hair. His wide mouth mimics his ever-hungry tummy, encouraging you to feed him with coins and fill him up! Spot him with his adorable frog friend, Kaerusan, featured on the golden coin.


Don’t be fooled by his stoic expression; this soft and sensitive fish character is simply waiting for its coin bank to fill up before his next quest! Who knows? Perhaps having a full stomach (of coins) would fuel courage for his next adventure with his octopus friend, Sayuri, who makes an appearance on the gold coin.


From the Donut Pond to your shelf or desk, Kerokerokeroppi brings a touch of magic and friendship wherever he goes. Keep an eye out for this playful frog (and your savings) before he leaps away with his signature green hat with a red propeller! The gold coin features his dear friend, Teru Teru, who brings the promise of good weather to the enchanting Donut Pond.


Often seen with his trademark brown beret, this lovable, pudding-looking golden retriever’s sweet and gentle demeanour will never fail at stealing your heart. Its yellow-orange aesthetic will also be a perfect warm addition to your decors! Take a closer look at the bank's accompanying golden coin to spot his cute chipmunk friend, Bagel!

Little Twin Star, Kiki

Meet Kiki, the celestial sibling donned in his iconic blue hair, who will bring a touch of magic to your collection! Adorned in his signature blue bow and with a playful twinkle in his eye, Kiki cradles his favourite plush toy, Puff (featured as a gold coin), as he vows to become the ethereal guardian of your savings.

Little Twin Star, Lala 

One must come with the other; these starry-eyed siblings look perfect next to one another! The charming twin Lala, recognised by her signature pink hair has an endearing smile that will melt away your worries. Accompanied by her favourite plush toy, Poff, you can count on Lala to watch over your dreams and spare change as you sleep.

Knock yourselves out collecting stamps and get your hands on these limited-edition collectibles for a splash of Sanrio charm in your room!

Each Sanrio character Coin Bank measures approximately 12cm in height and 10cm in width, and is made from 100% recycled ABS plastic.

7-Eleven Shop and Earn Stamps Collection & Redemption Details

  • Stamp Collection Period: 17 January to 12 March 2024
  • Redemption Period: 17 January to 20 March 2024

Stamps programme mechanics:

  • Receive one stamp upon a $5 purchase at any 7-Eleven store.
  • Redeem one blind box containing a Sanrio Coin Bank with every six stamps collected and a top-up of $10.90, or 500 YUU points and a top-up of $10.50.
  • Selected 7-Eleven products will earn you an additional stamp.

Transactions involving tobacco products, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, electronic gift cards, lottery sales, and sales from pre-order, delivery platforms and 7-Eleven’s website do not qualify for stamp collection.


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