Celebrate Health Vision Month In May With Outdoor Fun & Special Promotions!

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Did you know that Healthy Vision Month is celebrated in May? It is celebrated to stress the importance of the health of our eyes! 

*This article is done in collaboration with Lookafter. 

Many parents are concern about kids' eyes as they grow up in a digital environment where learning and playing is often done through digital screens. Myopia rates are on the rise among kids in Asia - especially since they are susceptible to blue light's effects while their eyes are still developing. 

This Healthy Vision Month, together with Lookafter, we hope to raise awareness on kids' eye health and share simple ways to look after young eyes! Apart from limiting screen time, parents can also help your kid's eye health by providing eye nutrients and engaging in more offline activities. 

Scroll on down as we share special promotions from Lookafter's lutein eye vitamins and exciting outdoor activities you can engage with your child this May too! 

Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy

The vitamin gummies from Lookafter are made in Germany and filled with the necessary nutrients for healthy eyes! Suitable for kids aged 4 years old and above, these gummies contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin which helps to filter harmful blue light, as well as Vitamin C, E, niacin and blueberry extract to support young developing eyes! 

Each pack of comes in 60 naturally coloured and flavoured gummies and retails at $29.90 per packet. 

To promote Healthy Vision Month, the 1st 20 purchases of the Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy will get it at just $15 with FREE delivery! You can also enjoy 15% off the bundle of 3 packets - valid till 31 May 2022. 

Outdoor Fun - Let's Play @ D'Marquee

Venue: Downtown East, D'Maquee
Dates: 7 May to 9 Aug 2022
Admission: From $25 for 100min session. 

Let's Play @ D'Marquee is a bouncy castle carnival with 14 thrilling attractions including giant bouncy inflatables, ball-pit, sand-pit, robot and dinosaur rides, and more to keep your little ones entertained with fun! 

We understand that it might be difficult to limit mobile devices, thus providing an alternative is a useful way to get the children off their devices! If you are considering a fun and high-energy alternative, you may wish to consider heading over to Downtown East for this carnival! 

Outdoors With Nature - Kids-friendly Walking Trails

Bring the kids out to one of the many nature parks and reservoirs to enjoy the fresh air, greenery and exercise! There must be a nearby park or garden that you can visit - but if you need ideas, here's a list of 12 Kids-friendly Walking Trails in Singapore for the family to start exploring! 

From the popular Bukit Timah Hill to the lesser-known Chestnut Nature Park, there will be something here for you to head out and off your devices! 

Have Fun Creating Art with Arty Party

Venue: 62B Queen St, Singapore 188541 
Pricing: from $59

Arty Party is your Ultimate Abstract Art Jamming Studio that allows kids and adults to have splatter fun! Here, you can create new art pieces using the unique spinning machines, swinging pendulums, splashing on canvases or marbling techniques. 

The only limit is your imagination! While indoors, you won't have time (or clean hands) to use your mobile devices - except to take photos of your finished artworks! 

Outdoors Adventure - On Water! 

Photo Credit: PAssion Wave

If you are seeking adventure, why not give kayaking a try? This popular water sport is available at several venues in Singapore and is mostly suitable for kids 7 years old and above (the ones most likely to be using devices). 

Get out in the water, no devices and no distractions! In fact, there is only the 2 of you - that makes it a great bonding opportunity as your older kids will be "forced" to spend an hour or 2 with you! If you need help finding out more about kayaking in Singapore, check out our Family's Guide to Kayaking in Singapore, it includes rental venues and pricing too! 

Play Outdoors - At An Outdoor Playground

For those with younger kids, you may consider bringing the little ones to an outdoor playground instead. They can run, jump, and climb in the open spaces, and even pick up social skills as they meet new friends too! Best part - it is FREE!

Did you know that Singapore has the most outdoor play space per square kilometres? There is no reason not to find one near your estate - simply take the kids downstairs and give them an hour or two away from their devices, or if you are looking for the best, here's our List of the Best Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore! 

Hopefully this list has been helpful to give ideas and alternatives to get the kids outdoor and off their digital devices. Most importantly, as parents, you play an important role too - be a role model, put down your own devices and join them in creating more family fun times! 



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