BYKidO Visits: The Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal 2018!

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Location: National Day Parade Rehearsal
Date: 9th August 2018
Hour: 5pm - 9pm
Admission: By Ballotting only

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BYKIDO VISITS National Day Parade Rehearsal 2018

Its not really a "visit" but Jr recently managed to get tickets to catch the National Day Parade Rehearsal and just wanted to share what you may expect (if you are catching it in person, on TV, or just somewhere to catch Fireworks - see here a list of great places to do so).


Tickets states that gates open at 4pm. The timing is rather hot, so you may prefer to wait to get in later. The show actually starts closer to 6pm but it does take awhile to queue to get in! 

Jr suggest making your way at about 5pm and you should get in by 5.30 or so. Remember this is based on his "Rehearsal" experience. 


If you drive, you may wish to park further away and hopefully have an easier time leaving the area after the parade. Some suggestions are South Beach Tower, Shaw Tower, etc. You may have to walk further but you may be able to avoid the traffic. 

Things to bring

You may wish to pack light so as to have an easier time at the security check. Remember to bring the essentials for the kids - water, snacks, sunblock, etc but for the adults, the goodie bag does include water (both Newwater and Mineral Water), bread, biscuits, etc. 

The Parade

NDP 2018 Rehearsal

Not wanting to give too much away, but the show is quite standard with the marching contingents, the fly pass, the performances, the songs... 

What to look out for?

This year, RSAF celebrates 50 years, so expect more planes flying pass! 

Also opening the parade are the naval divers, diving in full gear from way up in the sky and straight into the water! Its quite an amazing sight ! 

NDP 2018 Rehearsal

What was missing? 

Vehicles! Tanks! Red Rhinos! Basically, there wasn't a display of any land vehicles from the uniform groups. Which (in JR's opinion) is what the parade should be about! 

*Do remember to cover your LOs ears when the Supersonic Planes fly pass and also for the 21 Guns Salute! 

The Performances 

NDP 2018 Rehearsal

A great display of light, colors, sound, music and pyrotechnics. In addition, the theme was about everyday Singaporeans who tried to do more, who tried to achieve more, who chased their dreams - it was quite a heart puller.

"I love the Aeroplanes flying passed the best! Its so loud, and so fast! - Jr's 5 year old" 

If you need a rough timeline of the performances, including firework timings, do check out our other NDP related article here

Leaving the Parade

Be careful when leaving the parade, its dark and crowded. Hold on to the kids and make sure to keep them in sight. 

It will be difficult to avoid the crowd. Expect delays on the roads, trains and buses. Prepare the kids beforehand so they will know what to expect! 


Have you also went for the NDP or NDP rehearsal? Share with us your experience and what the LOs love about it! 


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