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7 Last Min Teachers' Day Gift Ideas | Made and Bought

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Teachers are an amazing bunch of people who spend lots of time with our children and are like family to our kids too! Here are a couple of last min Teachers' Day gift ideas for you to whip up in a jiffy. Just in case you have not had time to make / buy yours! 

1. Make Your Own Honey Joys

Combine this easy to make recipe with a nice container or wrap to create a Teachers' Day gift in just an hour or so! 

Last Min Days: 1 day

2. Flowers - Same Day Delivery

A wise man once said, if money can solve the issue, its not an issue - we came across a list of suitable flowers for teachers, and they offer same day delivery too (at a cost).

Last Min Days: 1 day

3. Make a Last Min Card

Arty and Crafty Mummies and Daddies, try rolling up your sleeves and make a card for your child's teacher! 

Last Min Days: 2 day

4. Get Your Child to Make a Card

If you believe the amount of effort = the amount of love, get your child involve to create a card for his / her teacher! It also makes for a great bonding activity! 

Last Min Days: 2 day

5. Shop at Daiso, Make a Gift!

Everyone loves Daiso! We love it too, and there are often interesting find to be given as gifts! Not only will you find pens, notebooks, and other pretty things, but also wrappers, ribbons and boxes to create your own wonderful medley of items! 

Last Min Days: 1 day

6. Top up the Teacher's Supplies

Stationaries, notebooks, post-it notes, hairbands, hair clips - anything that they use daily when caring for and educating your Little Ones! Just try to wrap it up nicely? 

Last Min Days: 2 day

7. Saying Thank You

How about a simple thank you? Make an effort to meet the teacher(s) and say a heartfelt thank you for all the hard work done! Pretty sure that will make them feel great the entire day (or week)!

Last Min Days: 0 day


So what do you think - Has this been a useful list for you or do you have a better idea to share? 


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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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