7-Eleven Launches Exclusive PEANUTS x FDMTL Collectible Bags And More!

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7-Eleven is proud to unveil its first-ever limited edition collectible range of PEANUTS x FDMTL fashion bags and merchandise!

*Updated 12 July: Peanuts merchandise will be in stores from 14 July (while stocks last).

Snoopy fans can look forward to getting their hands on a total of eight exclusive #OOTD Mix & Match premium quality fashion bags with the 7-11 Shop-And-Earn stamps programme, and many other irresistible Peanuts merchandise.

Eight Limited-Edition #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags

Fans of the cult Tokyo denim brand, FDMTL, will be able to get their hands on an exclusive range of Peanuts-inspired bags and pouches - designed by Tokyo denim designer Gaku Tsuyoshi - with 7-Eleven’s Shop and Earn stamps programme.

Showcasing FDMTL’s signature trendy and utilitarian style in collaboration with the iconic characters of Peanuts comics, the collection will feature a total of eight limited-edition #OOTD Mix & Match premium quality fashion bags:

Bonsai Snoopy 

Featuring FDMTL’s signature indigo patchwork design and a label of Snoopy lounging under a Bonsai tree, this modern pouch is made from durable material and can store personal or toiletry items while travelling. The pouch's size can be adjusted by simply adjusting the side straps.

Size: Approx. 30.5cm (width) x 14cm (length)

Teatime Snoopy 

This stylish sacoche bag is extremely handy and multi-purpose, featuring two perfectly sized compartments to carry your phone, wallet, tissues, or other everyday essentials. The utilitarian bag comes in a blue and green design with an adjustable shoulder strap, making it the ideal carry-on for a day trip.

Size: Approx. 23.5cm (width) x 17cm (length)

Kendama Snoopy 

This vertical pouch comes in black and army green camo, with a lanyard that can be carried as a crossbody bag. Its compact size is ideal for carrying small items such as a phone or coin purse. The bag’s design features Snoopy deftly playing with a kendama toy while sporting an FDMTL signature bow tie.

Size: Approx. 11.5cm (width) x 21cm (length)

Charlie Brown

Walk into the grocery store in style with this large grocery eco-bag featuring a Woodstock patchwork pattern in white and shades of indigo. Attached to the side is a white snap button pouch that can store not just receipts and stamps but also the bag itself!

Size: Approx. 34.5cm (width) x 54cm (length)
Size when folded: Approx. 15cm (width) x 17.5cm (length)

Lantern Woodstock

Looking for something to accessorise your spring or summer outfits with? Look out for this playful round-bottomed shoulder drawstring bag that sports a colourful patchwork design. Handy for everyday use, the bag holds enough space to carry big and small items and is a reliable pick for any occasion.

Size: Approx. 20.5cm (width) x 24cm (length)

Koinobori Snoopy

The Koinobori Snoopy pouch has dual compartments in two different fabrics that can be used in multiple ways. It comes in an adorable design featuring a sunglasses-wearing Snoopy, Woodstock, and koinobori carp streamer. Whether it is for carrying your essentials or small items, there's space for everything.

Size: Approx. 18cm (width) x 22cm (length)

Snoopy on Bridge

This fashionable black drawstring bag is decorated with white embroidered-looking outlines of Snoopy. The cord straps are adjustable so kids and adults can adapt the length as they like. The bag is lightweight and can be tucked into small spaces. Easy to grab and go, it’s perfect for travel, shopping, or when you’re out and about.

Size: Approx. 33cm (width) x 39cm (length)
Size when folded: Approx. 13cm (width) x 13cm (length)

Fuji Snoopy 

This versatile roll-up tote bag is a must-have to complete your 7-Eleven x Peanuts merch collection! It can carry notebooks, laptops, A4 documents, and other essential items. Modish and functional, this blue tote can fit everything you need for a day at work or play and still have room for more. The external pocket is made of PU leather and features Snoopy on Mount Fuji.

Size: Approx. 32cm (width) x 37cm (length)
Size when folded: Approx. 6.5cm (width) x 20cm (length)

Shop-And-Earn Stamps Programme: 
Collection & Redemption Details

Stamp Collection Period: 6 Jul to 30 Aug 2022
Redemption Period: 14 Jul to 6 Sep 2022, or while stocks last

Receive 1 stamp upon a $5 purchase at any 7-Eleven, and redeem a bag (design of the bag will be not disclosed prior to purchase) with every 8 stamps and a top-up of $8.90. 7-Eleven star products will get two stamps.

Playfully Nostalgic Peanuts Merchandise

That’s not all — 7-Eleven is also unveiling an irresistible array of Peanuts merchandise that Snoopy fans are going to love. For die-hard enthusiasts who can’t get enough of Peanuts, look out for these limited edition items that are landing in 7-Eleven stores across Singapore from 14 July 2022, while stocks last!

PEANUTS x FDMTL Japan Style Patchwork Snoopy Plush

Introducing your new oh-so-cuddly companion! This adorable 8-inch tall Peanuts plush is sure to bring back happy childhood memories. The fun design oozes street-style cool, combining the cuteness of PEANUTS with FDMTL’s trademark patchwork style.

PEANUTS x FDMTL Dual Layer Hot & Cold Flask

A union of fashion and function! Enjoy your favourite hot or cold beverages in this flask decorated with FDMTL’s patchwork designs, featuring Snoopy enjoying a tea party. Tea lovers will appreciate the flask’s unique dual-layer design that allows you to slip a tea bag into the upper section and, just like Snoopy, enjoy a cuppa on the go. Its textured design provides an easy grip and the cap is equipped with a strap for ease of carrying.

This flask is perfect for keeping your drinks hot or cold. It measures approx. 22cm (height) x 6.5cm (diameter) and can hold about 450ml.

PEANUTS x FDMTL Tumbler Cup with Straw

Photo Credits: 7-Eleven

Soon-to-be your favourite tumbler cup, this to-go cup comes in Japanese-inspired indigo blue and features Snoopy enjoying a tea ceremony or chilling by a bonsai. It is made from AS resin and has a detachable straw and wide bottom design, making it easier to wash.  Trendy, white embroidered-looking Snoopy patterns decorate both covers.

This 560ml tumbler cup can withstand temperatures from 0°C to 40°C – perfect for cold drinks to beat the heat in Singapore!

Transactions involving tobacco products, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, electronic gift cards, lottery sales, and sales from pre-order and delivery platforms do not qualify for stamp collection.


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