9 Mom-Led Businesses To Support This Mother's Day!

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This Mother's Day, take a step in supporting another mother by engaging with these Mom-led businesses - curated for
Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations!

It is the time of the year that we feel especially thankful for our mothers, grandmothers and the women in our support system. Why not take a step further by supporting these Mom-led businesses in your Mother's Day celebrations! 

A Mother-Daughter Bag Charm Workshop

by Nadya (Book via Whatsapp: +65 9823-4580)

Through this fun and engaging workshop moms and daughters can create a personalized bag charm that celebrates their unique selves.

Cookies & Bites

by Azurah (Whatsapp to order: +65 9355-4891)

Tarts & Cookies in various flavours. Nutello Tarts (Nutella & Milo), Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cornflake Cookies and Suji Cookies. Available in Jars of 30 ($12.50) and 60 ($25). 

Indian Snacks and Bakes

by Mala (Whatsapp to order: +65 9186-2151)

Enjoy these Indian snacks with your Mom! Murukku, Nimki and Bombay Mix, available in Snack Packs ($4) or Jars ($10 - $12).

Personalised Paintings

by Ashwini Kalai (Contact @withluv_ash on Instagram)

I’ve started this art account last year as I’ve always loved doing art & I was encouraged by friends to start selling these pieces! I decided to try doing simple portraits, and realised along the way that it’s really fun and fulfilling to complete people’s orders.

Comfortable Cotton Indian Wear

by HeyBubloo (Contact @heybubloo on Instagram)

HeyBubloo is an online store dedicated to your little ones, bringing together curated products that are cute, fun and South Asian inspired. We work with small Indian brands and artisans and curate pieces that are handcrafted using traditional methods and pure Indian fabrics, preserving the rich South Asian heritage.

Natural Handmade Yogurt Popsicle

by Power Pops (Contact @powerpops.sg on Instagram)

100 % all natural handmade healthy Greek Yoghurt Popsicle for kids and parents alike. All of our Pops are free from all additives and preservatives. It is made with naturally sourced fresh fruits and herbs alone.

Tamil for Kids

by Tamil for Kids (visit https://tamil-for-kids.com/)

Tamil for Kids is an online store where we focus on carrying resources that help introducing and mastering Tamil become less stressful and more productive for parent and child!

DIY Essentials Workshops

by Gracie (Contact for enquiries, +65 8881-2747)

Lip Balm Sticks, Aesthetic Soaps, Lotions, and Beeswax Wraps workshops conducted in the comfort of your own home from $50 per person with a min. of 8 pax.

Jelly Desserts

by Juliana (WhatsApp to Order, +65 9637-6807)

Delicious jellies filled with mixed fruits and nutritious Chia seeds. Choose from multiple flavours, such as honey melon, strawberry, mango, lychee, peach and blackcurrant & kiwi. Jellies come in small (set of 10) for $20, medium for $6 and large for $8.



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