7 Florists You Can Still Order From For This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes]

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Mother’s Day is already upon us! If you’re panicking because it slipped your mind till now, stop. Let us help you.

What shows you love, care, and appreciate your mother more than a bouquet of gorgeously arranged flowers? Not much (apart from helping out whenever they need you), which is why it’s the perfect last-minute gift idea!

Florists You can Still Order from for This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes]
Source: Free-Photos/Pixabay

Whether you’re looking to get flowers for your mother-in-law, mother, or mother of your child, here’s a list of florists you can still order from!

1. Lovely Hua Shop

Florists You can Still Order from for This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Lovely Hua Shop
Source: Lovely Hua Shop

Price Range: $29.90 - $60+

Lovely Hua Shop, one of the cheapest flower delivery in Singapore, is offering a selection of bouquets for this Mother’s Day. Whether you want to proclaim your love Beauty & The Beast style with a Preserved Rose in a glass, with a Preserved Carnation bouquet, or with some tummy-filling snacks, they’ve got you covered. 

Promo: 5% off Mother’s Day selection with code [ Bykido5 ]
 4 May – 8 May 2020

2. Flower Addict

Florists You can Still Order from for This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Flower Addict
Source: Flower Addict

Price Range: $69 - $225+
  Standard: $10 | Express: $25
*Please note there may be changes to delivery charges due to COVID-19

Flower Addict, known for their imaginative modern floral designs, is offering a collection of hand-tied bouquets for this Mother’s Day, which ranges from the vintage Sweet Charlotte to the classic Lily Love. They also have gift bundles of vibrant flowers paired up with wine, chocolate box, and bunnies, on their offerings. 

Promo: $10 discount for Mother’s Day Flowers with code [ bykido10 ]
Till 10 May 2020

3. Babyblomst

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Babyblomst
Source: Babyblomst

Price Range: -

Ever looked at a bouquet arrangement and thought that it would look better with a different kind of flower? Well, you can actually put that thought to action because Babyblomst specializes in customized floral designs. You can take a look at their creations on Instagram and drop them a message on Facebook for more details.

Promo: 10% discount with code [ BBMD10 ]
Till 1 Jun 2020  

4. Bloomback

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Bloomback
Source: Bloomback

Price Range: $65 - $220+
Standard: $10 - $15 (free for orders above $150) | Express: $20
*Same day delivery

If you missed the delivery dateline to placing your bouquet orders, Bloomback is here to salvage the day with their same-day delivery, that is, if you place your orders before 2 pm on a weekday.

In addition to a variety of flower domes with different kinds of preserved floral arrangements, their Mother’s Day gift selection also includes flower charms that come in an array of colors, paired with your selected birthstone.

Promo: $10 off min. spend of $120 with code [ BYKidO ]
Till 31 May 2020

5. Dawn Q. Floral Design

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Dawn Q. Floral Design
Source: Dawn Q. Floral Design

Price Range: $58+
Weekday: Free | Weekend: $6

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, there is limited stock of flowers, and while most of Dawn Q. Floral Design’s Mother’s Day Collection has sold-out, you still have a few choices, like Right Here in my Heart featuring roses, Tanacetum and eucalyptus, and Always my Mother, Forever my Friend, which is made up of carnations and Ruscus.

Promo: 10% off Mother’s Day Collection with code [ bykido10 ]

6. LA Atelier

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - LA Atelier
Source: LA Atelier

Price Range: $85 - $150+

LA Atelier is where you can find an exquisite collection of luxurious floral arrangements. And for this Mother’s Day, you can choose from their Les Mères Collection, which features different colored roses, peonies and carnations arranged elegantly in a glass vase, to show your appreciation to the mothers around you.

Promo: 10% discount for Les Mères Collection
 7 May 2020  

7. BearloonSG

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - BearloonSG
Source: BearloonSG

Price Range: $78 - $188
*Same day delivery

BearloonSG offers free same-day delivery with no minimum order required for all products on their website, including Helium Personalised Balloons and Customised Products. Place your orders latest by 2.30 pm on the day to get same-day delivery.

Their Mother’s Day collection features Keepsake Rose Bears as well as hot air balloons with customizable messages, which can be paired with different floral arrangements, snacks, and even ang baos!

Promo: -

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