10 Florists You Can Still Order From For This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes]

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Flowers for your mother or your wife? Here's a list of florist in Singapore that are delivering flowers or Mother's Day - promo codes included too! 

Mother’s Day is already upon us! If you’re panicking because it slipped your mind till now, stop. Let us help you.

What shows you love, care, and appreciate your mother more than a bouquet of gorgeously arranged flowers? Not much (apart from helping out whenever they need you), which is why it’s the perfect last-minute gift idea!

*Updated May 2022 - we are in the process of updating the promo codes and details. However the florists below are available for purchases!

Florists You can Still Order from for This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes]
Source: Free-Photos/Pixabay

Whether you’re looking to get flowers for your mother-in-law, mother, or mother of your child, here’s a list of florists you can still order from!

1. Ferns N Petals

Price Range: from $39
Free Same Day Delivery Available

Flowers are a popular Mother's Day gift idea, it is definitely one of the first thing everyone looks for as a gift. However, you don't want to give just any average bouquet - and that where Ferns N Petals comes in! 

This popular florist provides an enormous collection of fresh blooms ranging from peonies and sunflowers to carnations available on their website. These are put together to make the most beautiful flower arrangements - even in various innovative styles, including in cane baskets, with balloons or in the shape of a teddy bear.

Want to surprise your mom or wife? You can count on them to have your flowers delivered on time with their efficient delivery service!

2. Baby Blomst

Source: Babyblomst

Price Range: from $35
 Island wide (contact for details)

Ever looked at a bouquet arrangement and thought that it would look better if it was cash? Well, one of Baby Blomst most popular item for Mother's Day is the Money Flower, sure to bring smiles to the recipient! If you prefer traditional, you can purchase preserved rose / carnation bouquets too! You can take a look at their creations on Instagram and drop them a message on Facebook for more details.

Promo: 10% discount with code [ BYKIDO10 ]  

3. TheMeetupSG

Price Range: $18 - $95+
At least 1 week in advance, same day/1 day before delivery:  additional charges from $20 - $50+

Not your usual florist, TheMeetupSG is an event provider that helps families and friends organise picnics and parties. As part of their offerings, you may also have a look at their catalogue of flowers and purchase flowers from them too.

4. Florist D

Price Range: From $38 onwards
 $8 (8am – 6pm)| $10 (7pm – 10pm)

Blooming smiles with Florist D this Mother’s Day by surprising and expressing your love to your greatest mom. They offer a collection of premium fresh flowers bouquets and preserved flowers arrangements. SG Island-wide delivery. Visit their shop and place your order now.


5. Dawn Q. Floral Design

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Dawn Q. Floral Design
Source: Dawn Q. Floral Design

Price Range: $80 - $160

Offering a series of new fresh and dried floral designs in the collection, Dawn Q.'s Mother's Day 2022 collection comes with free delivery and a 10% early bird discount for orders before 10 Apr 2022! 

6. BearloonSG

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - BearloonSG
Source: BearloonSG

Price Range: $128 - $208

BearloonSG offers limited free Mother's Day delivery with no minimum order required on 7th and 8th May 2022, including Personalised Hot-Air Balloons and Customised Products. Slots are first-come-first-served and self collection option is also available. 

Their Mother’s Day collection features hot air balloons with customizable messages, which can be paired with different floral arrangements, snacks, and even ang baos!

Get 10% Off with Promo Code: [ mday23 ]. While stocks last!

7. Lovely Hua Shop

Florists You can Still Order from for This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Lovely Hua Shop
Source: Lovely Hua Shop

Price Range: $32.90 - $69.90+
 $5 - $10

Lovely Hua Shop, one of the cheapest flower delivery in Singapore, is offering a selection of bouquets suitable for Mother’s Day. Whether you want to proclaim your love with a Yakult (or beer) bouquet or with some tummy-filling snacks, they’ve got you covered. 

8. Flower Addict

Price Range: $69 - $379
 Normal ($12), Express ($25)

Flower Addict, known for their breezy, beautiful designs, offers a collection of hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements this Mother’s Day. Voted Singapore’s Top Florist for four years running, their Mother’s Day flowers range from the breath-taking Pure Delight to the classic Lily Love. They also have gifts like wine, chocolates, and scented candles to pair with your choice of flowers.

Sign-up for their mailing list to get $10 Off!

9. Bloomback

Florists You can Still Order from This Mother’s Day [& Promo Codes] - Bloomback
Source: Bloomback

Price Range: $130 - $295
Standard: $10 (free for orders above $150) | Express: $20
*Same day delivery

If you missed the delivery dateline to placing your bouquet orders, Bloomback is here to salvage the day with their same-day delivery, that is, if you place your orders before 2 pm on a weekday.

In addition to a variety of flower domes with different kinds of preserved floral arrangements, their Mother’s Day gift selection also includes preserved flower domes with customised pictures too!

10. Flower Chimp Singapore

Price Range: $44.90 onwards
*Same day delivery

Flower Chimp Singapore offers free same-day delivery for order made before 2 pm (Mon to Sun) - although they still recommend placing orders for Mother's Day 2 days in advance. So if you need any last min delivery, you will have to check them out! 

Apart from the usual flowers and bouquets (and even preserved flowers), Flower Chimp Singapore offers a Bouquets Below $50 category that is helpful for those of us on a budget too! 


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