Urban Tactical Singapore - A Singapore Foam Blaster Community with Organised Games

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Urban Tactical SG is a Singaporean Foam Blaster Community that does regular Foam Blaster Games at various venues in Singapore!

Venue: Various part of Singapore
Admission: Free

If you are looking for an energy packed, excitement filled and fun overloaded experience that you can experience together with your child, you should try Foam Blasting. Foam Blasting uses form blasters, most popular being Dartzone and Nerf Blasters, to battle it out in different forms of game play. 

Not sure where to start foam blasting? Check out Urban Tactical SG, a Singaporean foam blaster community that organises regular foam blaster games for families and advance players. 

Is this the next up and coming sport? They were even recently featured on a CNA documentary too! 

Urban Tactical SG

Officiated in Yishun in 2017, Urban Tactical SG is on a¬†mission to spread the awareness of foam blasting in Singapore whilst¬†building¬†a strong sense of Camaraderie and ‚ÄúKampong Spirit‚ÄĚ among players.¬†

As part of its mission, Urban Tactical organises regular games that are open to both beginners as well as advance players. 

Types of Games

Families can take part in the family games that are suitable for kids and parents to play together. This is suitable for anyone new to the hobby and are looking to give it a go and to have an afternoon of active fun! 

Players who have more experience, may wish to join the advance games that are more complex and open to 17 years old and above. 

The best part, games are free to join! 

What do you need? 

Families looking to join the family games will need to bring eye protection and their own blasters. There may be spare blasters available but these are on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Note that eye protection is also mandated in all games. As a new player, you may not have the right gear, but sunglasses can be used as an alternative. 

Is it safe? 

Yes, being hit by the dart on the bare skin can hurt, especially for young ones but the foam darts are made of soft sponge material and are built to avoid injury during play. As mentioned, eye protection is also mandated in all games too. For the family games, the speed of the dart is also set lower so that it is less painful. 

Yes, we have seen some kids wince or even cry, but most of them will want to continue playing. 

Suggested Age

We suggest the child to be at least 7 years old, with the 9 - 13 years old being the most suitable to enjoy foam blasting. However, the is just our suggestion and whether it is suitable will depend largely on the child. 

We have noticed several younger ones, from 5 years old taking part in the games. 

Venues and Fees

The games are held at different venues and you can get the latest by following Urban Tactical SG on Facebook. Games are free to join too! 


*Photo Credits: Urban Tactical SG (A Singapore Foam Blaster Community Group)



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