Singapore Sports Hub Set To Host Its First-Ever Harmony Sports Fiesta

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Families can look forward to traditional performances, interactive activities and mouth-watering culinary delights at Singapore Sports Hub's inaugural national racial harmony celebration.

Venue: OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Date: 22 to 23 Jul 2023
Time: 9am to 7pm

Harmony Sports Fiesta 2023 At Singapore Sports Hub

In celebration of racial harmony, dress in your finest ethnic wear and join in the nation’s inaugural Harmony Sports Fiesta 2023. Jointly organised by Kallang Alive Sport Management (KASM) and the Racial and Religious Harmony Circle, Harmony Sports Fiesta 2023 at the Singapore Sports Hub is Singapore’s first-ever national racial harmony festival where you can learn about Singapore’s multicultural communities through music, dance, food and games. Here's taking a closer look at what you and your family can expect at this cultural extravaganza:

The Largest-Ever Multicultural Dance

Venue: OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
22 Jul 2023

The celebrations at Singapore Sports Hub kick off on 22 July 2023 with the largest-ever multicultural dance. Everyone is invited, so come dressed to celebrate. More than 1,000 participants, both young and old, dressed in ethnic wear are expected to come together to perform a 6-minute, bespoke dance workout featuring choreography that incorporates signature movements from various cultural art forms.

A Plethora Of Multicultural Performing Arts 

Venue: OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Date: 22 to 23 Jul 2023

OCBC Square will be the centre stage for a plethora of multicultural arts as dance groups, music groups and actors showcase their talents.

Interactive Cultural Spaces 

Venue: across OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Date: 22 to 23 Jul 2023

Across the square, there will also be interactive cultural spaces where families can immerse themselves in the different cultures of our community.

Super-Sized Versions Of Traditional Games

One exciting highlight is the super-sized versions of everyone’s favourite traditional games. Gather your friends and family to experience gigantic versions of traditional games such as carrom, goli sandpit, snakes and ladders, and congkak.

Traditional Arts And Crafts

For those who want to bring a keepsake home, you can try your hand at traditional arts and crafts ranging from making Chinese knot bracelets, Wayang Kulit puppets and Rangoli sand art to embroidery keychains and shophouse shrink art.

Racial Harmony Display Boards

There will also be Racial Harmony Display Boards set up by the National Heritage Board, detailing the unique and deep history of the racial communities in Singapore.

A Symphony Of Favourite Local Delicacies

Photo Credits: Singapore Sports Hub

Venue: OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Date: 22 to 23 Jul 2023

True to any festival celebrating Singapore’s unique racial diversity, you can expect rows of F&B booths offering traditional snack favourites from a wide array of culinary traditions. Whether you’re having bazaar-staples like goreng pisang, muah chee and vadai, or enjoying familiar drinks such as ice bandung, and ice milo dinosaur, nothing bonds communities together like great food with great company.

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