Travel To Taiwan, Japan and Thailand (Virtually) With KKday!

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We can't travel yet, but KKday has a series of home-based activities including virtual tours for families to travel virtually to Taiwan, Japan and Thailand! 

KKday Singapore has launched a series of home-based activities including virtual tours and interactive online courses to engage, entertain and educate. Come June 2021, you can look forward to river cruise, DIY clay jewellery-making, brush lettering, visits to Erawan Shrine, Nara Deer Park and more.

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Erawan Shrine

Available every Monday till 30 June 2021

Offer your prayers to the renowned Four-Faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine without having to travel all the way to Bangkok! Catch the live-streaming in the convenience of your own home as KKday’s Bangkok-based guides offer the prayers on your behalf. The prayer session will begin with your written prayers presented to the Four-Faced Buddha alongside your purchased offerings including flowers, candles and fruits, followed by a traditional dance performance to express gratitude for your blessings.

Taiwan’s Sky Lantern Release

Available till 30 June 2021

Can’t travel but still want to experience a Sky Lantern release in Taiwan? No problem. Launch a sky lantern into the sky with your wishes on it and witness this beautiful moment in the comfort of your home via live stream. That’s not all! Materials used for the lanterns are eco-friendly so burning does not cause pollution.

Add on to the experience by savouring Taiwan's iconic confections from the award-winning Chia Te Bakery. Choose from the all-time favourite Sun Cake or the Milk Cake, both of which are directly delivered to you in Singapore!

Nara Deer Park

Available in July 2021

Catch a glimpse of the famous deers and Sarusawa Pond in Nara Park, marvel at the five-storey pagoda of Kofukuji Temple and tour round Higashimuki Shopping Street.

Dotombori River Cruise

Available in June and July 2021

Always wanted to visit Osaka’s most popular nightlife and entertainment district and see the iconic Glico Man? Now you can go on a virtual cruise with your tour guide down the Dotomburi river and check out the delectable street food which you must try when you finally get to Osaka.

DIY Clay Jewellery Making Virtual Course

Available till 18 June 2021

Learn the art of clay jewellery making at this fun workshop. Explore with different colours and let your creativity flow! Customise your own jewellery to suit your needs or craft a unique piece for your friends or family. Learn at your own pace with unlimited access. FREE Materials will be provided.

Brush Lettering Course

Available till 18 June 2021

Explore the art of brush lettering, a form of writing suitable for all ages. Perfect for those who love artsy writings instead of typing. Learn from an experienced instructor who will give a step-by-step demonstration. Learn online at your own pace with unlimited access. FREE materials are provided too!

Floral Embroidery Hoop Art Online Course

Available till 22 June 2021

Here’s a chance for you to challenge your creativity and relax your senses while mastering the art of embroidery. A relaxing and therapeutic art, it can help you to add life and colour to your clothes, accessories and home decors while helping to reduce stress. Learn online at your own pace and enjoy unlimited access. FREE materials will be provided.


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