Singapore Garden Festival Returns With New Location At Orchard Road And Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) is back after a four-year hiatus with its eighth edition set to take place at ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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Organised by the National Parks Board (NParks), the free-to-attend premier garden and flower show will be held at the heart of the city, Orchard Road, at ION Orchard and Ngee Ann City, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The two locations will make the festival much more accessible and allow the festival to reach a larger audience. SGF runs till 7 August at the malls located at Orchard Road and till 9 August at various locations within Singapore Botanic Gardens.

An array of exciting programmes have been lined up for visitors to the Festival, and here are some of the key event highlights that will be taking place across the three different locations:

ION Orchard 

Venue: ION Orchard, Basement 4
30 Jul to 7 Aug 2022
Fee: Free admission

Families can begin their journey as they exit from Orchard MRT station at ION Orchard, a venue sponsor for SGF. Visitors can head over to ION2 L1 and be greeted by two life-sized floral installations by local award-winning floral designers Harijanto Setiawan (Boenga Flowers) and John Lim (This Humid House).

[NEW] Floral Fiesta: A Floral Creation Challenge

Venue: ION Orchard, Basement 4
Date: 3 to 7 Aug 2022

New to this year‚Äôs Festival, is a mass Floral Fiesta: A Floral Creation Challenge that will take place at ION Orchard (Basement 4) from 3 to 7 August 2022. This ‚Äúlive‚ÄĚ challenge will see budding florists, floral hobbyists and even professional floral designers come together to create their pieces based on a wide¬†variety of themes.

12th Floral Designers Society (Singapore) Cup

Venue: ION Orchard, Basement 4
Date: 30 Jul to 2 Aug 2022

From 30 July to 2 August 2022, Floral Designers Society (Singapore) will be running its 12th FDSS Cup with competition pieces on display.

Community Garden Edibles Competition

Venue: ION Orchard, Basement 4
Date: 30 Jul to 7 Aug 2022

With a growing interest in gardening since the pandemic, visitors can check out what other¬†community gardeners and hobbyists have grown at the Community Garden Edibles¬†Competition located at ION2 L1. More than 400 entries were submitted by gardening¬†enthusiasts across all 10 categories ‚Äď namely Tomato, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Melon, Gourd,¬†Beans, Lady‚Äôs Finger, Brinjal, Root Vegetable and an Open Category.

Non-Competitive Floral Installation Displays

Venue: ION Orchard, Basement 4
Date: 30 Jul to 7 Aug 2022

Visitors to ION Orchard will be wowed as they arrive at the mall greeted by two large Floral Installations created by local celebrated award winning floral masters ‚Äď Harijanto Setiawan and John Lim.

Ngee Ann City

Show Garden Competition

Venue: Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City
Date: 30 Jul to 7 Aug 2022

As a world-class premier international horticultural show, SGF draws award-winning garden and landscape designers from around the world. Only landscape designers who have won awards in their own country are invited to participate, adding to the prestige of being part of the festival. As many countries transition to living with the pandemic, this year’s event saw designers from Australia, France and the United Kingdom flying into Singapore to compete against some of Singapore’s best designers.

Unusual Plant Display

Venue:  Front and centre of Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City

A six-metre-tall display garden featuring a cascading waterfall structure titled ‚ÄúA Botanical¬†Fantasy‚ÄĚ created by the NParks team will be at the front and centre of Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann¬†City. This exhibit brings visitors through a range of landscapes, from a wind-swept coast to an¬†inundated marsh, before transitioning to a lush rainforest and a misty mountain. Visitors will¬†be able to discover a diversity of plants that exist in a variety of habitats. Some interesting and¬†unusual plants on display include a fascinating array of carnivorous plants in the bog garden,¬†such as Sarracenia (Trumpet Pitcher plants), Dionaea (Venus Fly Traps) and Nepenthes¬†(Monkey Cups).

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens
30 Jul to 9 Aug 2022
Fee: Free admission

Orchid Competition

Venue: National Orchid Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens
Date: 30 Jul to 9 Aug 2022

The Orchid Competition, which is co-organised with the Orchid Society of Southeast Asia (OSSEA), will be held at the National Orchid Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Visitors can look forward to viewing more than 400 rare and exquisite orchids, including warm and cool-growing species and hybrids found in different regions around the world, submitted for competition by professional growers and hobbyists.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival

Venue: Singapore Botanic Gardens
 30 Jul to 9 Aug 2022

The Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival will also be held in conjunction with SGF. From 30 July to 9 August 2022, in addition to SGF displays and competitions, the Gardens will be bustling with a variety of programmes, including concerts, tours, talks and exhibitions to celebrate the Gardens’ heritage.

Enhancing the Digital Experiences

To enhance the digital experience of the Festival, Shopee is returning as the official e-commerce and e-marketplace partner for SGF 2022. Apart from bringing back the e-marketplace with exclusive promotions and a wider range of products, the platform will also conduct livestreaming sessions and feature gamification elements to engage with the public.

Find the latest updates including details on how to sign up for the competitions on Singapore Garden Festival's website and Facebook page. 


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