My Little 90’s Job Adventure - An Immersive Role-Play Experience For Kids By Kiztopia And VivoCity

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My Little 90’s Job Adventure features eight air-conditioned role-play rooms designed to simulate real-life scenarios for children to discover a range of professions.

Venue: VivoCity Outdoor Plaza, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585
Date: Now till 25 Jun 2023, 3pm to 9pm (Mon to Thu) | 10am to 9pm (Fri to Sun/PH)
Fee: From $10

From now till 25 June 2023, My Little 90’s Job Adventure, jointly presented by Kiztopia and VivoCity, is set to create an insightful world of pretend play for kids! Spanning 1,010 square metres across VivoCity’s Outdoor Plaza, My Little 90’s Job Adventure comprises of eight air-conditioned role-play rooms and is designed to depict a town with its own town centre offering children a chance to explore what it is like to live and work in a functioning city as adults.

Eight Curated Role-Play Experiences

Targeted at children aged four to eight years old, each curated role-play experience allows Kizzos to step into the shoes of up to eight intriguing professionals, including a chef, police officer, veterinary assistant, postman and builder, and work with Kiztopia Friends to complete a range of enriching tasks.

From creating their very own ‚Äėpizza‚Äô masterpiece to solving crimes, little aspirants can look forward to leap into the world of wonder and possibilities at Kiztopia Town as they learn important life skills through play.

After completing the ‚Äėjob‚Äô, each child will earn KizKash that can be used at the KizKash Exchange store to ‚Äėshop‚Äô for a gift to commemorate their hard work (and fun).¬†

Tiger’s Obstacle Race & Mark’s Ball Pit

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The Kiztopia Town also features the well-loved Tiger’s Obstacle Race and Mark’s Ball Pit so that toddlers do not miss out on the fun! Parents can also chill and recharge at the nostalgically-designed Parent Waiting Zone.

Our Experience

Thanks to Kiztopia and VivoCity for the opportunity to visit the "My Little 90’s Job Adventure" event. Here's what Mummy Leona felt about her family's experience. 

  • Kids get the experience of working for their own "money":¬†This is definitely an interesting concept and a great learning lesson for the kids. It also serves as a motivator for the kids¬†to do well in their "jobs" to earn the KizKash!
  • Also suitable for younger kids:¬†While this pop-up event is targeted at kids between the ages of 4 to 8, younger kids can still have¬†fun and enjoy themselves at the inflatable obstacle course and ball pit. Do note that non-slip socks are required for entering the ball pit.¬†
  • Sheltered colouring corner cum resting area: For parents who need to take a break, there's a sheltered rest area with seats where parents can take a breather while the kids engage in activities.¬†
  • Parents are not allowed in the role-playing rooms:¬†Parents have to wait outside the rooms while the kids have their session. This is to encourage the kids to be independent. As the outside area is not fully sheltered, we encourage parents to come comfortably dressed for the weather too.¬†

Overall it was a great experience for the kids and they definitely had fun experiencing each role at the different role-playing station. Also, we feel that the experience is something that can be done multiple times as each attempt might just be a little different and the kids may learn something new each time!

Ticketing Details

Tickets  for four role-play ($28) are now available for purchase online .  Other options like single-role-play tickets ($10) and two role-play tickets ($18) can also be purchased onsite from now till 25 Jun 2023.

Every child will receive an Explorer Card that will be stamped upon completion of each role-play activity. There are two exciting zones with four role-play stations each for selection:

  • Zone A ‚Äď Bell‚Äôs Kitchen, Eli‚Äôs Workshop, Happy‚Äôs Mart & Raby‚Äôs Clinic
  • Zone B ‚Äď Drago‚Äôs Post Office, Honey‚Äôs Factory, Mark‚Äôs Building Site & Tiger‚Äôs Station

Standard Ticket Prices:

  • One role-play station: $10.00 (onsite purchase only)
  • Two role-play station: $18.00 (onsite purchase only)
  • Four role-play activities: $28.00 (onsite & online purchase)

VivoCity Kids Club Event Perks:

  • 10% off standard ticket prices

Simply flash your e-membership card at the Kiztopia Booth at North-West Boulevard (near TANGS L1) or KizKash Exchange Counter at the Outdoor Plaza to enjoy the discount. If you are not yet a member, register for FREE by following the steps listed here.

Location and Opening Hours

My Little 90's Job Adventure will be happening at VivoCity Outdoor Plaza, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585 from now till 25 Jun 2023. Its opening hours are 

  • Mon - Thurs: 3 pm to 9 pm
  • Fri ‚Äď Sun/PH: 10 am to 9 pm

Each role-play activity will take up to 15 - 20 mins. Families can expect to spend approx. 1.5hrs for 4 role-play activities.



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