McDonald's Singapore introduces new Little Twin Stars & My Melody Happy Meal Toys

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Calling all Sanrio fans, it's time to grab your next meal from McDonald's and collect your favourite kawaii pastel-coloured characters!

At last, McDonald's has fully reopened almost all its stores in Singapore for takeaway and delivery - much to our delight and joy!

Well, here's one more thing to rejoice about - the latest line-up of Happy Meals Toys featuring the popular, cute and adorable Sanrio characters, Little Twin Stars and My Melody.

There will be four Sanrio toys (each with its own unique theme) that will be made available in Singapore for delivery and takeaway purchases for the next four weeks from 11 June to 8 July 2020:

1. Little Twin Stars Castle ‚Äď Lala (11-17 June)

1. Little Twin Stars Castle ‚Äď Lala (11-17 June)

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore

2. My Melody Princess Carriage (18-24 June)

2. My Melody Princess Carriage (18-24 June)

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore

3. Little Twin Stars Castle ‚Äď Kiki¬†(25 June - 1 July)

 3. Little Twin Stars Castle ‚Äď Kiki (25 June - 1 July)

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore

4. My Melody Garden Party (2-8 July)
4. My Melody Garden Party (2-8 July)

Photo Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Happy Meal Toys Selection also available

Well, if Sanrio is not for you, you can check out McDonald’s’ Ninja Turtles merchandise that will also be released alongside the Sanrio collection.

Featuring the characters from the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated TV series, this collection will certainly appeal to and bring back some childhood memories for avid fans of the show.


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