Mandai Wildlife Group Launches New Campaign, Choose Good With Mandai

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The campaign features a food trail and web-based game that aims to educate and engage the public about making conscious choices, which help protect the planet.

Choose Good With Mandai

The "Choose Good With Mandai" campaign focuses on the intrinsic value of wildlife to raise awareness of the symbiotic relationship between people, nature and the world.

The initiative hopes to draw people towards simple ways of lowering their environmental impact while inspiring a deeper appreciation for nature and wildlife.

As part of the campaign, members of the public can look forward to the rollout of two key activities – the Choose Good Food Trail and the Choose Good Game Challenge.

Choose Good Food Trail

Date: 21 Oct to 25 Nov 2022

The Choose Good Food Trail kickstarts the campaign. Mandai Wildlife Group has teamed up with 20 like-minded F&B brands to create exclusive food items and grocery bundles inspired by the diets of wildlife such as bananas, papayas, seeds and grains.

This collaboration spotlights 14 animal species including the Celebes Crested Macaque, Malayan Sun Bear and Asian Small-Clawed Otter.

The partners have also committed a portion of their proceeds from the items created, for Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts in Singapore and the region.

Here's what you can look forward to from this curated food trail:

Monkey Business by The Social Space

While foraging for food, animals disperse seeds which contributes to the growth of more trees that provide shelter, clean air, food and much more. Inspired by the diet of the Celebes Crested Macaque, The Social Space has concocted a smoothie bowl, Monkey Business, which incorporates the macaque’s favourite foods – dragon fruit, papaya and banana – plus soy milk and honey.

Cucumber & Double Mint Sorbet by Birds of Paradise 

Birds of Paradise will launch a new sorbet flavour – Cucumber & Double Mint, which is inspired by the diet of the Sumatran Orangutan.

Garlic Seafood with Pesto Pasta by GoodFoodPeople

Whether as predator, prey or decomposer, each species has a role to play in preserving ecological balance such as maintaining stability in wildlife populations and vegetation growth. One such contributor is the Asian Small-Clawed Otter.

GoodFoodPeople present its new Garlic Seafood with Pesto Pasta that takes reference from one of the otter’s favourite foods - prawn.

Pulled Beef Toast (with Plant-Based Protein) by Raw Kitchen Bar

Raw Kitchen Bar has created a Pulled Beef Toast using plant-based protein to celebrate the Malayan Tiger, an apex predator and keystone species of its ecosystem.

Mixed Fruit Chocolate Bar by Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie

Animals promote nutrient cycling by loosening the soil when digging for food on the forest floor.

To champion the world’s smallest species of bear and its role in the ecosystem, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie has created a Mixed Fruit Chocolate Bar with some of the Sun Bear’s favourite foods - fig, banana, coconut and honey.

Pesto Chicken Wrap, Honey Lemon & Banana Walnut Muffin Bundle Meal by Huggs Coffee

Huggs Coffee will push out a special bundle consisting of Pesto Chicken Wrap, Honey Lemon and a Banana Walnut Muffin. 

Mandai Hero Bowl by Grain Traders

Taking reference from the diet of another bear species – the Asiatic Black Bear, Grain Traders is rolling out a Mandai Hero Bowl, a treat ideal for lunch!

Avocado, Quinoa, Feta Bowl by Little Farms

Don't forget to check out Little Farms' healthy Avocado, Quinoa, Feta Bowl as well.

[Instagram Contest]

Embark on this journey of discovery about the importance of wildlife in our world and rally others to join in by sharing your experience on social media with #choosegoodwithMandai.

Posts on Instagram that include at least five dishes from the Choose Good Food Trail stand to win prizes worth up to SGD5,600!

Choose Good Game Challenge

Photo Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

Date: 18 Nov to 16 Dec 2022

The second part of the campaign features the Choose Good Game Challenge where the public can choose their favourite animal character and go on adventures to save ugly food, as well as collect sustainably sourced seafood and plant-based food items.

The game is set against everyday backdrops and living spaces such as the supermarket and kitchen. Through light-hearted educational comics and fun facts, players will learn about how conscious choices go a long way in protecting the environment.

For instance, they will look out for seafood packaging with labels like the ASC green tick or the BAP logo that involve processes which do not harm the ecosystem. Players learn that they can make good choices by opting for seafood that is responsibly fished or farmed instead of products derived from trawling which is widely used but destructive to the environment.

The Choose Good Game Challenge encourages players to progress through stages where they get to make more good choices. Prizes include the signature Panda Tour at River Wonders and a private buggy tour around Singapore Zoo, amongst many others.

For more information on the Choose Good with Mandai campaign, please visit this link.


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