February To March 2024 Happenings At Asian Civilisations Museum

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Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) has lined up an array of programmes, catered to both the young and not-so-young.

*Update (19 February): Updated with February to March happenings 

Located by the Singapore River is the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), Singapore’s national museum of Asian antiquities and decorative art and the only museum in Asia devoted to exploring the rich artistic heritage of Asia. 

It regularly hosts programmes and exhibitions to inspire both the young and old. Here's what you and your family can look forward to in February and March 2024:

All programmes are free unless otherwise stated. 

New Programmes

LET’S FIESTA! Manila Galleon Weekend Festival

Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum
Date: 24 to 25 Feb 2024
Time: 10am to 5pm
Fee: Free admission to most programmes

Get festive at ACM! Dive into food and fun as we go on a journey from Manila to Mexico and beyond. Take part in a colourful celebration filled with music and dance, stories of adventure, hands-on experiences with traditional crafts, and much more.

Presented in conjunction with ACM Adventures.

Find out more here.

Crossing Cultures at ACM: BOLD & BEAUTIFUL

Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum
Date: 2 to 3 Mar 2024
Time: 4pm to 9pm
Fee: Free admission to most programmes

Celebrate International Women’s Day by honouring the bold and beautiful contributions of women across Asia, past and present. Explore traditional practices led by women of the past and meet today’s inspiring practitioners in art and culture.

Find out more here.

Craft Voices: Collaboration and Community Engagement

Venue: Ngee Ann Auditorium, ACM
Date: 24 Feb 2024
Time: 1.30pm to 4pm
Fee: Free admission (registration with a $10 refundable deposit is required) | Register here

Join in this symposium to hear from Cándida Fernández de Calderón, director of the Fomento Cultural Citibanamex. A.C., Mexico, as she discusses her work with craftsmen to preserve and promote Mexican heritage. Other speakers include Lidia Riveros, Tracy Tang, and Denisonde Simbol, who worked with diverse communities to amplify their voices in the Manila Galleon: From Asia to the Americas exhibition.

Manila Galleon International Conference

Venue: Ngee Ann Auditorium, ACM
Date: 9 to 10 Mar 2024
Time: 10am to 5pm
Fee: Free admission (registration with a $10 refundable deposit is required) | Register here

Join us for a two-day conference that examines the significance of the Manila galleon trade, which connected Asia to the Americas and Europe for centuries. Leading scholars will present new research and insights into how the galleons influenced the cultural, economic, political, and social landscapes of the Philippines, Mexico, Spain, and other countries from the 16th to 19th century.

Hidden Hybridity: Analysing Local and Foreign Materials on a Minangkabau Headdress

Venue: Ngee Ann Auditorium, ACM
Date: 28 Mar 2024
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Fee: Free admission (registration with a $10 refundable deposit is required; event registration link will be open to the public closer to the date)

The Minangkabau from the highlands of West Sumatra form the world’s largest matrilineal society. Family property, land, and heirlooms pass down from mothers to daughters. A Minangkabau headdress in Singapore’s National Collection epitomises the community’s identity, and features a combination of local and imported materials that sheds light on the complex cultural and commercial interactions of the 19th century. Hidden from view, an adhesive was used to line two imported cloths to the underside of the headdress.

In this talk, a conservator, curator, and conservation scientist will present an integrated analysis of the headdress. They will reveal how gold, natural resin, machine-printed cottons from Europe, and silk brocades of Indian or possibly European origin were integral to the production of Minangkabau material culture in the 19th century.

ACM Adventures: Tell Me a Story

Photo Credits: Asian Civilisations Museum

Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum
Date: 31 Mar 2023
Time: 11am to 3pm
Fee: Free admissions to programmes

Join us this month as we explore objects with meaningful stories through an interactive drama performance and a storytelling session. Then, tell your own story through an art-making activity.

Find out more here.

Ongoing Programmes

ACM & Friends Fun Pack

Venue: Online, ACM Website

Download and use this fun activity kit, specially designed for children and adults across all learning abilities, and have an enjoyable time learning about the ACM collection through play.

Activities You Can Do Everyday

Venue: Online, ACM Website

Enjoy everyday activities from the comfort of your home. Explore, discover, and have fun with trails and videos for everyone.

Audio Description Tours

Venue: Online, ACM Website

Listen to descriptions of key objects in the ACM collection from the comfort of your home.

For more information, please visit the ACM website.


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