Go Behind The Scenes (Virtually) With Zoo Explained! By Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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Go behind the scenes at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore and learn what goes into keeping the animals healthy and happy! 

Venue: Online
Date: 22 May 2021, 10 am
Fees: $10

Zoo Explained! is a live, interactive virtual experience for families to go behind the scenes to discover the unique personalities of the animals, the care team and more. The webinar also allows you to interact with the many individuals involved in running the wildlife parks.

Meet The Emperor Tamarins

On 22 May 2021, there will be a session for the public to meet with the playful Emperor Tamarins from River Safari and their dedicated keeper, Ken, who discovered his passion for animals from a young age.

Like all primates, Emperor Tamarins are intelligent and inquisitive animals. Finding new activities to keep them physically and mentally strong is a never-ending challenge, as Ken will tell you in this session. Learn more about the natural habitats where they live in and join in their feeding and enrichment activities! 

How it Works? 

Purchase a session for just $10 per screen, and receive an online webinar link and additional information to the guest’s email address within 2 working days.

The session will be for 20-mins, so come prepared with your questions and the host will do their best to answer them all. 

With the ongoing pandemic, this might be a great way for families to experience the animals upfront. What do you think? Tell us on our social media channels! 

*Image Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore



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