Free Workshop To Teach Your Children Financial Literacy

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Organised by the Institute for Financial Literacy, this free online workshop, MoneySense For Your Child, aims to help parents and their children inculcate good financial habits from young!

Dates & Time

  • 5 Sep 2020, Sat: 10 - 11.30 am
  • 9 Sep 2020. Wed: 3 - 4.30 pm

Venue: Online
Sign-up: 5 Sep 2020 | 9 Sep 2020



The Institute for Financial Literacy is a collaboration between MoneySense and Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise Pte Ltd. It aims to provide free and unbiased financial education programmes to the public.

The Insitute condcts regular financial workshops with the aim of providing education and not to promote financial products. The upcoming financial workshops in September 2020, MoneySense For Your Child, will definitely be of interest to mummies and daddies too! 

Inculcate Good Financial Habits For Your Child

We all know that good habits are hard to form. As parents, we always try our best to help our little ones form good habits such as eating right, greeting their elders, being kind and courteous, and so much more. 

An area that we may overlook is good financial habits. It is probably not something that comes to mind immediately, but perhaps you have heard or seen adults without good financial habits getting into messy situations and wonder how can we help our children avoid falling into similar "money" traps. 

Here's what MoneySense For Your Child will help you with. 

Financial Literacy

The MoneySense For Your Child workshop is a 1.5 hr online workshop that will help your children understand their relationship with money and help you understand why inculcating good financial habits from young is important. 

Through the teaching of concepts such as savings and budgeting, the workshop shares with participants what healthy financial habits are and how parents may give financial literacy to their children through teaching and modeling the right behavior too. 

Event Details

If you are keen to find out more and to learn the ways to give your children financial literacy, sign-up for the Institute of Financial Literacy's free MoneySense For Your Child workshops this September. 

5 September 2020
Saturday, 10 am - 11.30 am
Online Session, Sign-up here.

9 September 2020
Wednesday, 3 pm - 4.30 pm
Online Session, Sign-up 

Have any questions? You may visit the Insitute for Financial Literacy Facebook page for more details! 



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