Discuss Mental Health At The Interactive MENTAL: Colours of Wellbeing Exhibition

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MENTAL: Colours of Wellbeing is a new exhibition at the ArtScience Museum to discuss the societal bias and stereotypes around mental health.

Venue: ArtScience Museum
: 3 Sep 2022 - 26 Feb 2023
Admission: Singapore Residents - $18 (Adult), $14 (Child) | Tourist - $21 (Adult), $$16 (Child)

MENTAL: Colours of Wellbeing is not an exhibition at the ArtScience Museum about mental illness, treatments or cures. It is a welcoming place where you can confront societal bias and stereotypes around mental health. MENTAL invites you to embark on an intimate and personal journey that explores the many different ways of being, surviving and making connections, that have become of increasing importance to us all.

24 Interactive Exhibits and Installations

This exhibition features 24 interactive exhibits, art projects and large-scale installations by international artists, makers, scientists and designers that reflect a range of perspectives on mental health and ways of being. In addition, there are seven artworks by Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists that explore mental health from a uniquely Southeast Asian perspective. 

The works featured in this exhibition take on serious topics in an accessible way and have been grouped into four broad themes - Connection, Exploration, Expression and Reflection. 

Engaging For The Kids

The kids will enjoy exploring and connecting with different levels of mental health. Through the different installations, kids will get to better understand their mental wellbeing - for example, you can explore your feelings like anxiety at the inflating weather balloon, how emotions can be self-regulate at the large tactile fabric tent, how medication provides a little protection like a cushion to brains and why reaching out to connect to share is helpful. 

There will also be installations to get the kids to move - the very instagrammable rainbow wheel teaches how exercise can affect our mood, and doing a live experiment on how music changes the growth of microbes and how it can relate to our change in mood and mind! 

Confronting Bias and Stereotypes Around Mental Health

MENTAL celebrates differences and complexities and represents the idea that every mental health journey is unqiue, and is is co-curated by ArtScience Museum and Science Gallery Melbourne. 

Admission Times and Prices

MENTAL: Colours of Wellbeing is available from 3 Sep to 26 Feb 2023. Tickets are available at

  • Singapore Citizens:¬†Adult: S$18, Child: S$14
  • Tourist:¬†Adult: S$21, Child: S$16

You can read more about the exhibition here. 


*Photo Credits: @prisquek


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