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The Share Your Story, Shape Our Memorial travelling exhibition features a public call for artefacts and stories from Singaporean to shape the Founders Memorial. 

Venue: Gardens by the Bay, The Canopy
Date: 28 Apr - 12 Jun 2022
Admission: Free

The Share Your Story, Shape Our Memorial travelling exhibition features a public call for artefacts and stories that represent Singapore’s nation-building years, and introduce some of our founding values that will anchor the Memorial’s content.

The travelling exhibition will kick off at Gardens by the Bay on 28 April 2022, before travelling to various locations around the island, including shopping malls, community hubs, libraries and schools, till February 2023. An online version of the travelling exhibition will also be available on the Founders’ Memorial website to enable greater access.

The Founders Memorial

You can see the site of The Founders Memorial from the exhibition

The Founders’ Memorial is set in Bay East Garden, close to the Marina Reservoir and overlooking the city skyline as a nod to the bold vision of our founding leaders to transform Singapore into a Garden City. 

It will honour Singapore’s founding generation and leaders by commemorating the ideals and values on which independent Singapore was built. Since the inception of the Founders’ Memorial in 2015, Singaporeans have been engaged at various stages and on various aspects of the Memorial’s development, including its objectives, concept, location, design, and visitor experience.

The winning design by Kengo Kuma & Associates and K2LD Architects was chosen by the jury, taking into consideration the 50,000+ votes cast by Singaporeans for their favourite design. 

The Exhibition

The exhibition showcases different stories of Singapore's past through various panels and is aimed at letting younger Singaporean better appreciate the nation-building years.

For example, did you know that building HDB flats for so many Singaporeans was once seen as an impossible task? Tasked with the enormous task, the Housing Development Board (HDB) completed over 30,000 flats in 4 years compared to the 23,000 flats built by its predecessor, Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT), in 32 years. Against all odds, HDB delivered, granting Singaporeans from all walks of life a home to call their own. 

Did you also know that there were once Goodwill Committees in Singapore, also known as Peace Teams, that helped strengthen bonds between communities. These Committees were formed in response to the 1964 racial riots in Singapore.

Public Call For Submission

Through the various stories shared at the exhibit, Singaporeans are once again invited to play a part in the making of the Memorial by contributing their very own artefacts and stories from the 1950s to 1970s to the Memorial.

The artefacts and stories can be related to a national policy or historical milestone linked to Singapore’s independence and/or encounters with our founding leaders, including establishing citizenship, building a shared Singapore identity, or industrialisation and Singapore’s pursuit for economic progress. 

Artefacts and stories should also illustrate the founding values of multiculturalism, boldness, openness, resilience, integrity, and service to others before self, which were identified and distilled from earlier engagements with Singaporeans.

Submit Your Stories Online

The public can submit their artefacts or stories online via the Founders’ Memorial’s multi-lingual website ( Physical submissions of objects will not be accepted at the travelling exhibition venues.

To guide submissions, a wishlist containing examples of artefacts and stories that the Memorial is looking for can be found on the Founders’ Memorial website. All submissions will be evaluated and assessed for their relevance to Singapore’s nation-building history, experiences with our founding leaders, as well as embodiment of our founding values.

Selected contributions from the public call will be featured in the Memorial’s galleries when it opens.

Next Stops For The Exhibition

After Gardens by the Bay, the exhibition will travel to malls, and community hubs such as libraries, community centres and schools until February 2023.

  • 28 Apr ‚Äď 12 Jun 2022, Gardens by the Bay Bay South
  • 13 Jun ‚Äď 26 Jun 2022, Causeway Point
  • 27 Jun ‚Äď 10 Jul 2022, Junction 8
  • 11 Jul ‚Äď 24 Jul 2022, Funan
  • 25 Jul ‚Äď 7 Aug 2022, I12
  • 8 Aug ‚Äď 21 Aug 2022, Plaza Singapura
  • 22 Aug ‚Äď 4 Sep 2022, Westgate
  • Sep 2022 - Feb 2023, Community Hubs


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