Colouring Bar: Spreading Joy With Colouring Printables For Families

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#ColouringBar is a non-for-profit art initiative from Taiwan that looks to offer a fun art learning event to revitalise the stay-at-home time under this global unprecedented circumstance.

#Colouring Bar is a place for the art lovers, families and kids to enjoy the fun and exciting moments of an art production. The project invites artists and creatives to provide an original artwork and its outline drawing for parents and the kids to download and colour at home for free! It aims to offer a fun art learning experience to revitalise the stay-at-home period! 

Why Colouring? 

Colouring needs logic, focus as well as creative input. Through picking, matching and mixing the colours during an art creation, it is one of the most effective ways to build up self-awareness and to release stress. Something that we may all need during this period of uncertainty. 

Colouring is to:

  • create and to be creative
  • motivate and to be inspired
  • focus and to be patient
  • express and to be independent
  • learn and to be happy

Who Can Join? 

Kids at home who may enjoy an afternoon of creative fun, as well as parents who like to take time off your computer screen for a relaxing afternoon with a nice drink! 

How To Download Artworks?

Visit the Colouring Bar Facebook Group to browse the artworks available and use the links provided to download the artwork. Print it out and start colouring! Once you are done, you may upload the photos to the group to share your interpretation of the artworks! 

Can I Contribute To The Artworks? 

You are more than welcome to contribute or to recommend any artists that the Colouring Bar shouldn’t miss! All you need to do is to provide the original artwork, as well as an outline drawing with it! You can email to for more details or to submit the following details. 

  1. Image - 1 original full colour artwork, and 1 black & white line drawing artwork of the same work. Both in digital format, JPG/PNG min. 3500*2400px
  2. Personal info and the description of artwork (200-300 words)
  3. One creative hashtag to describe the environment of when the audience is drawing your work. E.g. #playasong #colouringbar
  4. To sign an Authorisation Letter to confirm the entry and free use of copyright* The doc can be downloaded here: 


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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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