Changi Experience Studio Launches Day Camp And Activities For Year-End Holidays

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Changi Experience Studio launches fun and exciting year-end school holiday programmes for families starting 25 November!

This year-end holiday, check out the activities that Changi Experience Studio has prepared for your family! From Day Camps to craft works - here's what you and your family can look forward to!

‘Be A Little Airport Manager’ Day Camp

Venue: Changi Experience Studio, L4, Jewel Changi Airport
Stay Period: 26 Nov to 22 Dec 2021

  • Nov runs (early bird special): $88 (Adult) | $128 (Child)
  • Dec runs: $98 (Adult) | $138 (Child)

Make a booking here.

The sold-out Changi Experience Studio overnight camp last year has made a comeback with a day camp version this year! In this programme, families can look forward to a unique bonding and learning experience as this day camp itinerary is packed with fun and educational activities.

In addition to enjoying exclusive access to behind-the-scenes airport experiences (the Airport Emergency Service Experience and a tour of the Changi Nursery which is usually closed to public), young minds can, for the first time, learn about the key elements of design thinking and apply their newly acquired skills by creating an airport of the future through a Design Thinking workshop!

Here are the programme highlights:

Airport Emergency Service Experience: Up Close with Changi’s Firefighters & Vehicles*

Did you know that Changi Airport is protected round the clock by its own team of firefighters? Learn about Changi’s Airport Emergency Service through different interactive activity stations and hear from our fire-fighters what it takes to be emergency-prepared to keep the airport safe. Get onboard AES’ fleet of swanky vehicles and see their tools on display, don fire-fighting suits for photo opportunities, try rescuing passengers in the dark and even pick up basic fire-fighting life skills through activities!

*Also available as a standalone activity

Exclusive Changi Nursery Tour

Did you know that Changi Airport has its own nursery? Learn about the wonder of flora through an exclusive behind-thescenes visit to the airport’s nursery and see first-hand how the airport’s Horticulture team tends to the plants that adorn the themed gardens in Changi Airport. Taking inspiration from Terminal 3's iconic Green Wall, create your own mini Green Wall to bring home and nurture! A most refreshing educational experience for ‘town mouses’!

Design Thinking Workshop

Ever wondered why there are gardens and playgrounds at Changi Airport? Were you ever lost when you’re here? Dive into the world of design thinking at this thoughtintriguing workshop! Through fun activities, the young minds will learn the key elements of design thinking and apply their new-found skills by imagining and creating an airport of the future! Along the way, they will appreciate the importance of user-centricity and empathy in the design process. While the kids work their minds, parents can enjoy afternoon tea at Changi Lounge!

Additional Package Inclusions Worth Over $200

  • 3-month unlimited entry tickets to Changi Experience Studio (worth $38)
  • Canopy Park tickets
  • Exclusive Airport Emergency Service Officer plushie (worth $12.90)
  • Mini ‘Green Wall’ workshop (one kit per child)
  • 2-hour Changi Lounge access per adult (worth $15) 
  • Changi Experience Studio photo print per pax (worth $4)
  • sdtravel self-disinfecting coating spray (worth $8.90)
  • Amazing prize of one Singapore Zoo ticket per person (worth $41), to be received after completion of all camp activities!
  • Changi Experience Studio tote bag (per family)
  • Free parking (1 parking coupon per group)

Note: The option to top-up for a sleepover camp experience will be offered in the event Covid restrictions are eased.

Click here to find out more about the programme.

Other Activities & Workshops

Date: 25 Nov to 23 Dec 2021 | Make a booking here

Don’t have a whole day to spare for the camp but still want in on the fun? You may check out and sign up for these individual workshops and activities:

Airport Emergency Service Experience

This popular allows participants to get up-close with Changi Airport’s very own firefighters and learn how they keep the airport safe through interactive activities.

Changi ‘Champions of the Smart Airport’ RoboMaster Challenge Workshop

Photo Credits: Changi Experience Studio

Participants will get to enjoy an exciting, educational and hands-on learning experience on how to programme and autonomously operate the DJI RoboMaster – the revolutionary intelligent robot used in the world’s most acclaimed and advanced robotics competition.

After mastering control of the RoboMaster via scratch coding, the session will culminate in exciting tournament runs around an airport-themed arena, where they compete on speed and conquer fun tasks with dexterity.

For more information, you may visit the Changi Experience Studio website.



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