Changi Airport Group Unveils An All-New Innovative Online Experience, ChangiVerse On Roblox

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The racer with the fastest lap timing of the month on the Changi Kart racing game gets to win a pair of Economy Class air tickets on Singapore Airlines!

ChangiVerse by Changi Airport Group

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has launched ChangiVerse, an innovative online experience, marking the airport’s global debut in the metaverse. Changi Airport is the first airport to create a virtual world on Roblox, a gaming platform that sees a monthly active user base of over 200 million across the globe. ChangiVerse aims to revolutionise the online airport experience, crossing physical barriers and time zones to allow fans of Changi, or those who have not had the chance to travel through the airport, to explore, interact, and engage with Changi in the digital space.

Explore Iconic Landmarks Of ChangiVerse And Play Mini Games To Level Up

ChangiVerse will transport players into a whimsical interpretation of Changi Airport, inviting them to explore three key areas initially: Jewel, Terminal 3 (T3) and Airport Boulevard. Within each zone, visitors will not only encounter stunning virtual replicas of Changi’s iconic landmarks, but also discover a slew of mini games and surprises at every turn. Players level up by accumulating experience points from the games, with each level unlocking access to special items or areas.

Race To The Top Of The Changi Kart Leaderboard And Win Air Tickets

The core game of the ChangiVerse is Changi Kart, where players race on a circuit which weaves through Airport Boulevard, collecting purple Butterfly Tokens to boost their speed whilst avoiding obstacles such as laser windmills or the sweeping tails of dinosaurs lumbering alongside the track. The top three competitors each week on the leaderboard will have their avatars appear at T3’s winners’ podium, celebrating their wins with victory dances.

From now till September 2023, the racer with the fastest lap timing of the month will win a pair of Economy Class air tickets on Singapore Airlines. Singapore residents will be able to make a round trip to any destination with a direct flight serviced by the airline, while overseas winners will be rewarded with a trip to Singapore and a chance to see Changi Airport come to life in person.

Collect Butterfly Tokens And Unlock Exclusive Collectibles

Photo Credits: Changi Airport Group

By traversing the far reaches of the ChangiVerse or playing mini games, players can gather even more purple Butterfly Tokens. Five special golden tokens, worth vastly more than the purple tokens, have been hidden in various locations throughout the virtual realm and reappear daily, rewarding only the most intrepid and determined of explorers. Aside from being able to power up Changi Karts, Butterfly Tokens can be used to redeem plane models and skins for the Plane Configurator as well as ChangiVerse-exclusive limited-edition digital wearables at the ChangiVerse T3 store.

For more details on ChangiVerse, visit this link.


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