Catch the Fun and Interactive DurianBB Musical at SAFRA Tampines this School Holidays!

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Follow the extraordinary adventure of DurianBB through this interactive musical and find out how he grows up to become the renowned King of Fruits!

Venue: PeopleUp Theatre at SAFRA Tampines 
Dates: Till 25 Jun 2023
Admission: $25 per pax (SAFRA Members enjoy an exclusive 10% discount)

Embark on a vibrant and interactive musical journey alongside DurianBB and his delightful fruity companions, as they reveal the fascinating story of his childhood and ultimate ascension to the throne as the King of Fruits!

Prepare to be enthralled by an interactive musical brought to you by PeopleUp Theatre, designed to entertain and engage young minds during this school holiday season.

An Interactive Experience for Kids

Catering to children aged 2 to 10 years old, the DurianBB & Friends Interactive Musical guarantees a captivating performance where kids can freely move, groove, and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of DurianBB. Fun and enjoyable activities will be happening throughout the performance, giving children the opportunity to participate and be part of the exciting journey!

Get ready for an extra dose of delight! The performance includes a Bubble Show that will leave the young ones jumping for joy and gleefully chasing after the floating bubbles!

A Learning Journey

This experience is not just about having fun, it is also an enriching learning journey for children. Follow DurianBB's journey of courage and confidence and learn more about kindness and anti-bullying. Witness how these important values play a crucial role in shaping DurianBB's journey to be King of Fruits! 


The DurianBB & Friends Interactive Musical is a 1.5-hour performance, and tickets can be purchased online at $25 per person. SAFRA members can enjoy a 10% discount and children below 1 year old can enter for free.

Venue and Dates

Mark your calendars! DurianBB & Friends Interactive Musical will run till 25 June at the PeopleUp Theatre at SAFRA Tampines. 


Visit DurianBB & Friends Interactive Musical for more details! 


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