Family's Guide To Uncle Ringo Carnival Games at the Punggol Container Park

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Uncle Ringo sets up a carnival at Punggol Container Park! Time to have fun while enjoying your meal!

*Updated opening hours and details.

Venue: 50 Punggol East Tebing Lane, Singapore 828826
Date: Till Dec 2022
Opening Hours: 5 pm - 9 pm (Wed - Sun), Closed Mon & Tue 
Fees: $5 per ride

Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED) @ Social Innovation Park (SID) or commonly known as Punggol Container Park is an instagrammable eating spot nestled in the heartland of Punggol East with bars and restaurants lining the stretch. 

Known for its food and ambience, the Punggol Container Park provides families with a casual outdoor dining experience, an open space for the kids to run around, and simply lots of options for meal time! 

Uncle Ringo Carnival

Initially to end at the end of 2021, we understand that the carnival is now extended till Dec 2022. Families have an additional reason to visit Punggol Container Park with carnival rides from Uncle Ringo! Rides include a pirate ship, a carousel, a mini-carousel, Ferris Wheel, train ride and a Dragon's Park.

Kids can scream on the pirate ship, enjoy a leisure round-about on the carousel or even just hop on the train for a ride too!

An interesting part of the carnival is the Dragon's Park! Once entering the park, you will get to work through a variety of dinosaurs and dragons. A little scary for young ones, but great photo opportunity too!  

Pricing For Rides

Rides cost $5 each, and where appropriate, a $2 fee for accompanying adults (not for the pirate ship). Also tickets were sold via a pre-paid card at $25 for 5 rides. While it is probably not allowed, but we noted payment made for individual rides too.

Note that the Dragon's Park only starts at 7pm. 

Although it is not not the most well equipped or largest play venue, we feel that it will be a great family day out when you combine a dinner at one of the many restaurants at Punggol Container Park. You just got to make sure you got wet weather back-up too - or check out our massive list of indoor playgrounds!

What To Bring When Visiting

Be sure to bring along insect repellent and your water bottles. Cash is also important too. Otherwise, there is not much else that you will need to bring. 

Getting To Uncle Ringo Carnival At Punggol Container Park

The carnival is located just next to the eateries along Punggol Container Park. So just head towards this famous foodie joint, and you won't miss the carnival!

Public Transport: Use the Punggol LRT East Loop and alight at Riviera station. Walk about 5 mins to reach the Punggol Container Park. For buses, take services 3, 83 or 85, and alight at the Riviera Station Exit A. 

Car: You can search for Punggol Container Park on Google Maps. There are plenty of parking available (as long as you are early). 


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