Arts In Your Neighbourhood Returns And Is Heading To Pasir Ris!

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Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) is back for its first season of the year! Happening from 11 to 28 March 2021, rediscover the stories of the community and enjoy the charm of the Pasir Ris neighbourhood that is inspired by its people, and environs.

Photo Credit: National Arts Council

Featuring a total of 10 exciting programmes , AYN brings to life the stories of the coastal town of Pasir Ris through a variety of enriching physical and digital art experiences. An initiative by the National Arts Council, AYN aims for the public to enjoy the arts together with family and friends.

Here are some of the key highlights from the AYN March 2021 programme:

1. The Puppeteer Prepares

Photo Credit: The Finger Players

Film Premiere
Venue: @NACSingapore on Facebook | RSVP/Watch here
Date: 20 Mar 2021
Time: 10am to 10.45am
Fee: Free 

Venue: Pasir Ris Public Library 
Date: 20 to 28 Mar 2021
Time: 11am to 9pm
Fee: Free

In a special puppetry film, take a behind-the-scenes look at ways artists and makers have been coping in the past year with the pandemic. Pulling together narratives of strength and resilience from the community, watch stories of individuals trying to bridge gaps between one another, and of a family finding new ways to stay together, all brought to life through the age-old art of puppetry.

Complementing the film is an exhibition at Pasir Ris Public Library where visitors can find out more about puppetry as an artform and follow the creation journey of a puppet from sketches on paper to how it comes to life in the puppeteer’s hands. 

2. Kotak Foto

Photo Credit: 3Pumpkins

Venue: Pasir Ris Park Area 2
Date: 13 to 14 Mar 2021 & 18 to 21 Mar 2021  
Time: 10am to 1pm & 3pm to 5pm
Fee: Free | Book tickets here

Experience Pasir Ris in ways you have never before, as Kotak Foto (Photo Box) invites you into the magical world of pinhole photography! Hop into the back of a 14-foot truck converted into a pinhole camera box and immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic sights and sounds of the neighbourhood, then visit the pop-up interactive installations at Pasir Ris Park to create your own pinhole images! 

The programme is produced with lead artist Isabelle Desjeux, music composer Phang Kok Jun and families who reside in Pasir Ris.

3.¬†PODSCAPE ‚Äď Sounds & Stories of the City: HELLO PASIR RIS!

Photo Credit: Shophouse & Co

Venue: Pasir Ris Park (Near Carpark E, Adjacent to Fitness Corner)
Date: 20 to 21 Mar 2021 
Time: 10am to 5pm 
Fee: Free | PODSCAPE Pop-Up: RSVP here | PODSCAPE Podcast: Listen here

PODSCAPE ‚ÄĒ Sounds and Stories of The City returns for Season 2 in Pasir Ris! Visit the striking yellow mobile recording booth nestled under the lush greenery of Pasir Ris Park, to record your stories, memories and anecdotes of the neighbourhood. This season, the pop-up will feature an exciting mix of immersive storytelling soundscapes made from objects found in Pasir Ris, collaborative foley creations, and a "new normal" musical experience in a public park! Then get to explore the neighbourhood on the go through the PODSCAPE Podcast, available on Spotify too.

4. The Story Of A Place Is In Its Name

Photo Credit: Stacy Huang and Susanna Tan


  • Coffee Express Kopitiam (Blk 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6)
  • Blk 130 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Sheltered walkway)
  • Blk 141 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Void Deck)
  • Blk 144/145 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Void Deck)
Date: 11 to 28 Mar 2021
Fee: Free

In this visual arts walking trail, five Singaporean artists tell the story of Pasir Ris with individual works that transform everyday spaces of the neighbourhood - from the void decks and lift lobby at Pasir Ris Street 11 to the Coffee Shop at Pasir Ris Drive 6. Curated by artists Stacy Huang & Susanna Tan, the series of installations draws inspiration from the sights and memories of Pasir Ris and its name that echoes a literal white sandy beach. 

The trail features works by artists Jamie Teo, Divaagar, Ernest Goh, Henry Lee and Perception3 (Regina De Rozario and Seah Sze Yunn), and find out more on @thestoryofaplaceisinitsname Instagram page.

5. Api Api’s Dreams

Photo Credit: SYNDICATE

Venue: White Sands Shopping Centre
Date: 18 to 28 Mar 2021
Time: 7.45pm to 9.30pm
Fee: Free | RSVP here

Head down to White Sands Shopping Mall to be enthralled by a light projection display on the building façade, set to original soundscape compositions. Experience the sights and sounds of Pasir Ris in this piece as sound recordings taken on an evening walk along Sungei Api Api are woven into original compositions by music artists to accompany the projection.

The project display features works by artists Marc Gabriel Loh, OnlyHuan, Anise, and Claude Glass.

6. Dendang Warisan (Songs of Heritage)

Photo Credit: Gendang Akustika Ensemble

Venue: @NACSingapore on Facebook | RSVP/Watch here
Date: 27 Mar 2021
Time: 10am to 10.45am
Fee: Free

ÔĽŅIn this specially curated 40-minute digital programme,¬†audiences can listen to a new song about Pasir Ris inspired by students of the neighbourhood.

For more information and to see all AYN events, click here and/or download the Programme Booklet.


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