All Things Japanese for Families @ RWS Summer Matsuri | First Ever Japanese Summer Festival

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Location: The Forum, Level B1, Resorts World Sentosa
6 Jun – 9 Jun 2019
5 pm – 11 pm

Get Festive with Your Little Ones at the RWS Summer Matsuri!

A feast for the eyes and a feast for your tummies - that's the best way we will choose to describe the first ever RWS Summer Matsuri! Its going to be a festival of good food and cultural performances for the family to enjoy!

Food, Food, and More Food

Thanks to the RWS Donburi Championship, you can savour 6 flavourful donburi, including Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl), Steak Donburi and Kuroge Wagyu Donburi. Fill your tummies and vote for your favorite bowl of rice!

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019

You’ll probably going to be craving for something sweet after lunching. No worries. You’ve got an array of authentic Japanese sweets like Matcha ice-cream, Nama Melon Soft Cream and Purin Dora, a rich custard pudding sandwiched between fluffy dorayaki, to choose from!

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019 

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019

With over 20 food and drink booths and more than 40 types of snacks imported from Japan, it’ll be safe to assume that you and your little ones will be going home with bulging tummies.

Cultural Performances from Japan

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019

But of course food is not all there is. Catch the breath-taking Awa-Odori, one of the most famous dance festival held in Japan during Obon - where the dancers come in unison and get the crowd moving with them in a mass dance!

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019

Don't miss the Akita Kanto, an impressive display that sees performers hoist lanterns hung on bamboo poles that rise up to above 12-metre. Each weighing up to 50kg! 

Each kanto (lantern) hoisted up by a single performer to the sound of drums, fl­utes and chanting is a glorious sight to behold! What’s more, after the performance, you can even try your hand at hoisting a kanto too! Don't worry, its a smaller version at "just" 5-metre tall. 

Free Movie Screenings too! 

Get Festive with Your Little Ones at the RWS Summer Matsuri!

Aside from that there will also be free screenings of Japanese movies like The Travelling Cat Chronicles and What a Wonderful Family! (Series 1 to 3).

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Photo credits Resorts World Sentosa


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