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Location:¬†The Party Room, KidsSTOP‚ĄĘ |¬†21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433
Date: Oct - Dec 2016 
Hour: 10 am - 11 am
Admission: $150 for 4 sessions

Aimed at introducing science to toddlers between the ages of 2- 3 years old, TOTally Science is a new parent - child program organised by KidsSTOP starting this October. 

TOTally Science is designed to thrilled your toddler with hands-on experiments and age- appropriate activities. The program is structured in themes ranging from All About Me (Oct), Nature (Nov) and Christmas (Dec). Each theme consist of 4 1hr sessions and is held every Sat @ KidsSTOP Party Room

All About Me (Oct) - Learn all about yourself with Stuffee, a friendly giant. Learn about your body, how it moves and cultivate body awareness! 

Nature (Nov) - Get enchanted by flora and fauna as the theme explores nature with creative activities. 

Christmas (Dec) - It's the holiday seasons theme and be prepared to enjoy festive experiments and all things Christmas! 

TOTally Science by KidsSTOP
2 - 3 Years old
1 Theme per Month / 4 Sessions per Theme / 1 Hour per Session
$150 for 4 sessions (excluding GST and relevant admin charges)
Every Saturday / 10am - 11am KidsSTOP Party Room


Visit KidsSTOP's TOTally Science page for more details as well as the exact Session dates. 

Do share with us your experience at the program in the comments below! 

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