The New Age ‘Wet Market’ Coffee Shop by Ben Yeo in Instagrammable Kampong Market Setting

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Indulge yourself in the nostalgic ambience at the modern and instagrammable traditional ‘Wet Market’ coffee shop by Ben Yeo with 7 carefully curated F&B food stalls hidden behind.

Venue: 510 Chai Chee Lane, Singapore 469027 
Operating Hours:

  • Tan Xiang Cai Shi: Open Daily From 6 AM to 10 PM
  • Tan Xiang Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat: Open Daily From 11.30 AM to 9.30 PM

Officially open on 8 May located at the unassuming centre of 510 Chai Chee Lane, Tan Xiang Cai Shi presents a unique dining experience that combines the charm of a traditional wet market with the excitement of modern delights. 

With the capacity of 350 comfortably seats inside, you can enjoy a blast from the past where nostalgic 80s and 90s Singaporean tunes fill the air amidst a setting inspired by olden-day kampongs. From serving signature charcoal fish head steamboat, live seafood, local hawker fare to old-school beverages - all within an Instagrammable kampong market setting.

What’s in the ‘Wet Market’ Coffee Shop

You may immerse yourself in the nostalgic ambiance, furnished with Instagrammable spots galore for a photo-worthy and unforgettable experience. Admire 3D murals that bring retro settings to life, transporting you back in time. Wander among dry provisions stalls straight from bygone eras, completing the immersive journey into Singapore's rich cultural heritage.

There are 7 carefully curated hawker stalls at Tan Xiang Cai Shi that offers a taste of olden-stay Singapore to represent its diversity in cuisine by offering over 15 types of live seafood along with local hawker fare and old-school beverages—all within an Instagrammable kampong market setting. 

Tan Xiang Cai Shi offer a fun experience where kids will enjoy complimentary kiddie rides and snacks with every visit, given the older generation a chance to relive childhood memories while introducing hawker/kampong vibes to the younger generation.


Must Try Menus at the Hawker Stalls

Headlining the stalls is the Tan Xiang Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat, which simmers up a nostalgic steamboat experience fired up by charcoal. Exclusive to Tan Xiang Cai Shi, indulge in the seasonal pomfret fish, known for its delicate flakiness that melts in the mouth.

What sets their steamboat apart is the meticulously crafted soup, simmered for hours with old hen, pork bone, freshly fried fish head and dried scallops. This combination infuses the soup with layers of savoury depth, ensuring every spoonful bursts with flavour and warmth.

The following menus are intended for all seafood lovers! Don’t miss the Salted Egg Yolk Australian Lobster (Seasonal Price), where live lobsters are coated with creamy and velvety salted egg yolk sauce that has been carefully cooked over low fire for the golden creamy indulgence.

They also have the Steamed Premium Scallops in Black Bean Sauce (Seasonal Price), featuring whole scallops with the fragrant savouriness of black beans.

Other strong favourites include the Signature Braised Duck (S:$18 / M:$36 / L:$68), serving up duck slow-cooked over hours for tender juicy cuts.

The Coffee Spare Ribs (S:$18 / M:$27 / L:$36) will have you licking your fingers to the last fall-off-the-bone rib.

As for the Oatmeal Charcoal Tofu with Pumpkin Sauce (S:$18 / L:$36) is a creamy golden treat of homemade charcoal tofu in pumpkin puree, topped with crispy oatmeal.

Pick Your Favorite Seafood and Challenge the Chefs

This is where the part fun begins! You can challenge the chefs and immerse yourself in the job of having your own personal chef where you can select your seafood from a diverse array including fish, prawns, clams, geoduck, and more, and savour them cooked in your preferred style—whether it's garlic, salted egg, black bean, five spice, sweet and sour, or chilli, among others.

Worry not! All the live seafood is supplied by Boon Teck Seafood, a top notch seafood supplier that has been around since the 1980s. 

Try the Uniquely Local LA KOPI Experience

From 2 PM to 5 PM, experience the craft of ‘pulling kopi’ that has been passed down through generations at Tan Xiang Cai Shi. With every order of LA KOPI Set for 2 ($9.90), the coffee will be served in a smaller version of traditional coffee pot with heart-shaped kaya butter toast, and soft-boiled eggs.

The vintage drinks stall also pours old-school classics like Pineapple Syrup Drink, Bandung, Old School Bird’s Nest Drink and more. Take a bite home with the old school snack stall selling all kinds of knick-knacks from eras past.

Other Local Food Options Are Also Available

Not only fresh seafood and olden-stay Singapore taste they offer, but you can also find various cuisines from other countries too! Making it convenient to get everything in one place.

You can savour the Indonesian flavours in The Padangton, peddling authentic Nasi Padang specialties, from the spiciest curries, punchiest rendangs and more. Miss not its flavourful beef creations, cooked in a medley of curries and styles for a true Nasi Padang experience.

Noodles are simple and satisfying with Bawang Pan Mee, where each bowl is served with fresh handmade noodles pulled, cut and torn by hand to your choice, served with a range of other delectable side dishes, each crafted by celebrity chef Alvin Leong. 

A taste of Singapore’s staple comes with Ming Xing Chicken Rice, bringing classic flavours of Singaporean chicken rice complete with pandan oiled rice accompanied by portions of the juiciest, most tender chicken, available as both poached or roasted.

Lastly, there is Tai Pin Yang Mix Vegetable Rice, an economical rice stall, also known as "Chap Chye Peng," offering a hearty meal option. Customers can enjoy a diverse selection of meats, vegetables, tofu, and other side dishes, allowing them to mix and match according to their preferences. This flexibility makes it a popular choice for those seeking both affordability and deliciousness in their meals!


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