Swensen's Introduces Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake and More This Ramadan!

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Swensen's introduces 2 innovative, reimagined creations of a local heritage classic, the Nasi Lemak, to celebrate the Ramadan festivities. 


Venue: Swensen's Outlets
Date: 1 April - 15 May 2022

From 1 Apr - 15 May 2022, the fragrant Nasi Lemak Burger and Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake together with new Ramadan specials, the King Prawn Pasta Goreng, Ramadan Family Platter, Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream Cake and Pisang Goreng Keju will be available at all Swensen's outlets island wide, while stocks last. 

Nasi Lemak Specials 

Diners can enjoy the local heritage classic, the Nasi Lemak, in 2 reimagined creations this Ramadan - one sweet and the other savoury. 

Limited Edition Nasi Lemak Ice Cream (600g), $50.28 

The Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake is an ode to Singapore's well-loved, local culinary heritage. Each cake is decked with quintessential ingredients of the iconic dish such as the "Fried Chicken", a "sunny side-up egg", roasted peanuts and even "sambal chilli". Here's another opportunity for families to try Swensen's novel ice cream creation, the "Fried Chicken". 

The fondant crafted "sunny side-up egg" and "sambal chilli" paired with roasted peanuts together with the duo-layer ice cream of creamy Coconut ice cream atop a Kueh Salet ice cream completes the look and taste of the creation! 

Biting into the ice cream cake will remind you of the fragrant coconut rice on banana leaves - paring it with the peanut is a nice touch too! 

Nasi Lemak Burger, $15.80

Back by popular demand, families can sink their teeth into the Nasi Lemak Burger - you will find a whole juicy fried chicken leg layered with crunchy cucumber slices, sunny side-up egg, roasted peanuts, crunchy ikan bilis and samba chilli sandwiched in fluffy brioche buns. 

This returning favourite is served with fries and coleslaw. 

New Ramadan Specials

Complete your meal together with these new Ramadan specials available at Swensen's outlets too! 

New King Prawn Pasta Goreng, $15.80

Pasta lovers can get a taste of the King Prawn Pasta Goreng - al dente linguine tossed in spicy sauce with a flame-seared king prawn, sliced chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and zesty calamansi. 

Ramadan Family Platter, $28.80

This sharing platter of deep-fried golden munchies include popcorn chicken, calamari, breaded fish, cheese sticks, wings and drumlets, fries and a bowl of refreshing cucumber salad. Pair it with the local house special Curry Tartar and Sambal Chilli sauces to elevate your dining experience! 

Pisang Goreng Keju, $12.80 

Deep-fried and baked, the Pisang Keju is consist of batter covered banana topped with a generous serving of grated cheddar and drizzled with either hazelnut spread or chocolate cold fudge. Top up this dessert with a scoop of Swensen's ice cream of your choice! 

Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream Cake, $14.80 (dine-in, 1 piece), $29.80 (takeaway, 2 pieces)

Round off the festive feasting with the decadent Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream Cake filled with a centre of salted gula melaka ice cream and sprinkled with shredded coconut shavings - this is definitely a dessert for those with a sweet-tooth! 

Purchase Details + Delivery Bundles!

Customers may contact the individual outlets or shop online at www.shop.swensen.com.sg for takeaway or islandwide delivery. Swensen's is also available on Grabfood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. 

You may even enjoy the following Iftar Kat Mana sets at 30% off when ordering for delivery. 

  • Iftar Kat Mana Set for 1, $27.79 (U.P. $39.70)
    • 1 Nasi Lemak Burger
    • 1 Pisang Goreng Keju
    • 1 Soup of the Day
    • 1 Choice of Soft Drink
  • Iftar Kat Mana Set for 2, $45.99 (U.P. $65.70)
    • 1 Nasi Lemak Burger
    • 1 King Prawn Pasta Goreng
    • 1 Pisang Goreng Keju
    • 2 Soup of the Day
    • 2 Choice of Soft Drink
  • Iftar Kat Mana Set for¬†4, $96.77 (U.P. $138.24)
    • 2¬†Nasi Lemak Burger
    • 2¬†King Prawn Pasta Goreng
    • 1 Ramadan Sharing Platter
    • 2¬†Pisang Goreng Keju
    • 4 Choice of Soft Drink¬†

Our Recommendations

Thanks to the team at Swensen's, we had the opportunity to try the new Ramadan items. We highly recommend the Pisang Goreng Keju as a dessert suitable for both adults and kids - the mix of hot, cold, savoury and sweet hits all the right spots for us!

For those more adventurous, the Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream Cake is unique and will appeal to those who prefer something sweet while the Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake is definitely a great surprise gift for friends, families or just for the little ones at home. 

While there is nothing over-the-top about the King Prawn Pasta Goreng, you might even compare it to a good plate of mee goreng but we really loved the dish - nice done al dente linguine and tasty sauce. Tell us what you think after you have tried it too!


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