New Fortune Cat Ice Cream Cake from Swensen's To Welcome Chinese New Year

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Enjoy sweet indulgence in the shape of prosperous fortune cats, auspicious gold koi, and abundance gold bars for a majestic Year of the Dragon.

In true Swensen’s style, ice cream cakes headline the seasonal offerings this Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Infused with thematic flair, these sweet temptations boast shapes reminiscent of prosperous fortune cats, auspicious gold koi, and abundance gold bars.

Beyond being show-stopping creations promising a delightful culinary experience, they also double as ideal gifts, embodying symbols of prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead.

Auspicious Ice Cream Cakes

Three seasonal ice cream cakes await to add festivity and prosperity to one’s celebrations.

New! Fortune Cat Ice Cream Cake

($61.80, 600g)

A delectable treat that promises to bring good fortune with every indulgent bite. Boasting a heart of zesty pineapple ice cream cleverly disguised as the beloved Fortune Cat, this sweet temptation invites luck to embrace all who lay eyes on it. Prepare to savour the sweet taste of prosperity as Swensen’s merges culinary creativity with festive symbolism in this whimsical and auspicious ice cream cake.

Auspicious Gold Koi

($38.80, 300g)

An elegant Yamabuki Gold Koi, one of the most prized of the fish species symbolizing flowing wealth. Within, Swensen’s signature Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream sets the core of the cake, enveloped in sponge cake, and iced with gleaming golden frosting.

Abundance Gold Bars

(twin pack of 180g each at $42.80 for delivery and takeaway, and as a single piece at $22.80 for dine-in)

Shaped as shimmering twin gold bars that symbolize wealth and good luck, beneath the gilded gold exterior lies Swensen’s signature Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream, ready to tempt the taste buds of the fortunate recipient.

[Dine-in Exclusive] Dragon Ball Trio


Embark on a whimsical journey for young taste buds! Get ready for a mystical dragon tale accompanied by a 10-minute parent-child paper craft activity. Dive into a bowl of enchantment featuring three mini scoops of chocoholic, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream, as the dragons breathe icy smoke into the sky! Available from 12 January 2024 onwards.

2 Yusheng Renditions

Returning by popular demand, Swensen's Yusheng features a vibrant assortment of 18 ingredients such as luxurious baby abalone, smoked salmon, shimeiji mushrooms, pomelo bits, preserved white and brown melon, fresh greens, and the golden duo of crispy crackers and wanton skin. These prosperous components pair impeccably with the zesty and appetising blend of sweet and sour plum sauce.

Choose from two sizes: Salmon Prosperity Yusheng is available in Regular for $29.80 (serving 3-6 pax) and Large for $44.80 (serving 6-10 pax). Additionally, indulge in the Salmon & Abalone Prosperity Yusheng, also available in Regular with 6 pieces of baby abalone for $38.80 (serving 3-6 pax) and Large with 10 pieces of baby abalone for $58.80 (serving 6-10 pax).


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