Swensen’s Unveils Its Latest Festive Specials For Hari Raya

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Look forward to a hearty spread of Raya specials, including the Satay Ayam with Rice, the IMPOSSIBLE Satay Pizza, the Ramadan Iftar Platter, and the new Ketupat Ice Cream Cake.

Availability: until 21 May 2023 across all Swensen’s outlets islandwide & food delivery platforms GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda

Swensen’s Latest Ramadan Specials

Celebrate the joyous occasion of Hari Raya and revive traditions with a fun, contemporary twist with Swensen’s Ramadan Specials! Here's taking a closer look at what you and your family can look forward to this festive season:

Ketupat Ice Cream Cake

Price: $55.00 (550g)

Sweeten Hari Raya family celebrations with the Ketupat Ice Cream Cake, weaved like a woven diamond-shaped parcel, enveloping a refreshing core of pandan kaya ice cream inspired by the Singaporean breakfast staple of Kaya Toast.

Satay Ayam with Rice

Price: $15.90

Enjoy the irresistible chicken satay on skewers made from a whole, juicy chicken thigh and grilled to perfection! Dip them into the spicy peanut sauce, together with the appetising tangy pineapple puree for a sweet and savoury taste. Each plate is served with savoury rice, homemade achar and crunchy prawn crackers.


IMPOSSIBLE Satay Pizza ($17.90)

Indulge guilt-free with plant-based IMPOSSIBLE patty. Each slice is topped with mixed cheeses on a creamy satay-mayo base, together with sweet pineapple puree.

Ayam Panggang Pizza ($16.90)

Alternatively, meat-lovers can go for the Ayam Panggang Pizza, which consists of marinated grilled chicken with a mouth-watering array of herbs and spices.

Ramadan Iftar Platter

Price: $28.80

A sharing platter of deep-fried golden munchies¬†elevated with two house-made dips¬†‚ÄstCheesy Satay¬†and¬†Pineapple Mayo¬†‚Ästfor a refreshing combination of¬†sweet, salty and savoury flavours! Each platter¬†comprises crunchy fried chicken strips, breaded fish,¬†spicy chicken nuggets and toothsome cheesy bites.¬†Served with a side of achar and prawn crackers.

Returning Favourites

Pisang Goreng Keju ($12.80) & Sirap Bandung Jelly Pearl ($5.50)

End off on a sweet note with the popular Pisang Goreng Keju and/or refreshing Sirap Bandung Jelly Pearl, a well-loved classic sure to complement any main!

Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake ($55.00, 600g) & Pandan Bandung Ice Cream Roll ($48.00, 500g)

Photo Credits: Swensen's

In addition, the showstopper NasiLemak Ice Cream Cake returns by popular demand, alongside the Pandan Bandung Ice Cream Roll,an all-time favourite that is set to delight again with familiar Singaporean flavours.


You may shop online for takeaway or islandwide delivery of Swensen’s latest festive specials, or via GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.


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