Singapore’s First German Pretzel Bakery Opens At Icon Village In Tanjong Pagar

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Singapore’s first authentic German pretzel bakery will showcase a unique range of freshly-baked ‘pretzel-dough’ creations.

Venue: Icon Village, #01-41/42/52/53, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 8am to 7pm | Sat to Sun: 8am to 2pm

Opening Of Park Bäckerei At Icon Village

Making its debut at Icon Village in Tanjong Pagar, Park Bäckerei (pronounced Park Beck-ker-rye) will feature a rustic line-up of signature lye-dipped breads and pastries; including a true German pretzel. These ‘pretzel-dough’ creations are handcrafted daily and baked on the premises using meticulously-curated ingredients and according to a time-honoured German method.

Founded by Dennis von Berlepsch who hails from Germany, and his wife Jane Lee Richard, Park Bäckerei was first conceived when the couple found it challenging to find an authentic German pretzel while living in Hong Kong, and more recently, in Singapore.

Here's taking a closer look at what you can look forward to at Singapore's traditional and authentic german ‘brezel’ bakery:

Swabian-Style Pretzels & Pretzel-Dough Bakes

Plain Pretzel ($3.90/pc; $10.80/3pcs)

Taking the spotlight at Park Bäckerei is the Swabian-style Plain Pretzel. After proofing time, the dough is individually-portioned and rolled out into long logs with a more generous middle and thinner ends, then twisted into the classic pretzel shape – a slit is made at the ‘belly’ so that it splits open perfectly as it bakes. Each one is then bathed in a traditional lye solution then put into the oven – the lye dip is essential as it enhances the Maillard reaction, which gives German pretzels its beautiful burnished-brown sheen, as well as a flavourful outer crust that is in harmony with its moist and fluffy interior. 

Mini Pretzel ($2.50/pc; $20.80/10pcs)

A smaller Mini Pretzel is also available for a light afternoon snack.

Cheese Pretzel ($4.50/pc; $12.60/3pcs) & Mini Cheese Pretzel ($2.80/pc; $23.80/10pcs)

A savoury take on the classic is a moreish Cheese Pretzel and Mini Cheese Pretzel – a combination of Park Bäckerei’s one-of-a-kind pretzel with cheddar cheese baked until the outer layers are slightly golden-brown and crunchy while retaining a light and soft texture on the inside.

Brötchen ($2.20/pc; $11.80/6pcs)

Don't miss out on the unassuming but equally appealing German Bread Roll, a staple at most meals.

Sweet Bakes

Karamel Igel (caramel hedgehog, $4.40/pc; $8.40/2pcs)

A pretzel bun in the shape of hedgehog filled with a luscious homemade caramel spread.

Schoko Rolls ($4/pc; $7.60/2pcs) 

Schoko Rolls or chocolate rolls contain a pleasingly rich layer of Belgian chocolate spread.

Bundle Set

The Bread Box ($25)

An ideal choice for first-timers and for an extra satisfying treat, customers can delight in the bakery’s The Bread Box, which bundles three Mini Pretzels, three Mini Cheese Pretzels, two Karamel Igels and two Schoko Rolls.

Homemade Spreads

Complete the authentic German pretzel experience with one of the bakery’s homemade spreads that are available as an add-on.

Obatzda ($4)

Synonymous with Oktoberfest, Obatzda is a flavourful and velvety blend of brie cheese, butter, beer, paprika and caraway – a popular Bavarian cheese spread often served with pretzels.

Frischkäse ($3)

The smooth and mildly tangy Frischkäse combines cream cheese, sour cream, onions and chives.

Butter ($1) 

Butter is also a classic and tempting addition to pretzels.


Jalapeño Cheddar ($7.90) & Caprese Pesto ($7.90) 

A winsome pairing of aromatic and vibrant basil pesto with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.

Speculoos Apple ($7.50), Hazelnut Double Chocolate ($7.50) & Red Velvet Coconut ($7.50)

These make outstanding sweet bagel alternatives.


An array of hearty and gratifying sandwiches will be introduced at the Icon Village flagship store. The six variations include:

Sausage Kraut ($15.90)

A German-inspired Sausage Kraut comprising smoked bratwurst and crispy fried onions with homemade accompaniments – a tangy apple-caraway sauerkraut and piquant mustard aioli.

Roast Beef ($16.90) 

A 24-hour slow-roasted beef matched impeccably with onions, gherkin and a creamy sweet mustard dressing.

Brie ($14.90) 

A vegetarian-friendly option that consists of thick slices of brie, caramelised onions, thinly sliced apples and salted caramel pecans that provide a delightful contrast in textures.


Park Bäckerei’s selection of beverages are thoughtfully chosen to complement the sizeable menu of pretzels, bagels and sandwiches. In addition to freshly-brewed coffee staples like Caffe Latte (from $4) and Americano (from $3), customers may also go for the comforting Hot Chocolate (from $5) or the refreshing Sparkling Tea (from $6).


Round off the memorable dining experience with the bakery’s toothsome desserts such as the Belgian Chocolate Mousse ($3.90) and Speculoos Cheese Mousse ($3.90) – a lovely finish to a sumptuous meal or for an afternoon treat!

Oktoberfest Exclusive

Oktoberfest Package ($88)

Photo Credits: Park Bäckerei

Promotion Period: 15 Sep to 29 Oct 2023 (valid only for delivery and takeaway)

To commemorate the annual beer festival in Germany and the world’s largest beer celebration, Park Bäckerei will be offering an exclusive Oktoberfest Package that can be shared among friends and family!

Available only for delivery and takeaway from 15 September until 29 October 2023, this time-limited bundle includes six Plain Pretzel, two of each kind of sausage – Thuringer Snail Sausage, Nürnberger Sausage and Smoked Bratwursts, as well as a side of tart apple sauerkraut, a piquant counter to the rich and savoury sausages.


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