5 Things to do and Places to go with Kids this weekend in Singapore (28th Sep - 4th Oct 2020)

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1. STEAM Festival for Young Learners 2020

STEAM Festival for Young Learners 2020
Photo credits Science Centre Singapore

Location: Online & Onsite
Date:¬†8 Oct ‚Äď 11 Oct 2020
Hour: Varies 
Fee: (passport)
10% off selected pass for KidsSTOP member

  • Explorer passport (Virtual):¬†$20¬†
    Rewards: e-Explorer Certificate & 1 KidsSTOP Academy Activity Pass

  • Voyager passport (On-site):¬†$28/child | $5/adult
    Rewards: Voyager Certificate and Badge, 1 KidsSTOP Academy Activity Pass & 1 Gift Pack

  • All-In passport (Virtual & On-site):¬†$38/child | $5/adult¬†
    Rewards: e-Explorer Certificate, Voyager Certificate and Badge, 2 KidsSTOP Academy Activity Pass & 1 Gift Pack

Science Centre Singapore’s 2nd annual STEAM Festival, organized by KidsSTOP, is back this year with a mix of online and on-site offerings! The four-day event seeks to showcase creative approaches to STEAM-based teaching and learning with a host of educational and sensorial play-based experiences for children. 

Children, parents and educators can experience a sensory trail, science performances, STEAM-based workshops and hands-on activities, including a coding mission for young learners at the center. 

STEAM Festival for Young Learners 2020
Photo credits Science Centre Singapore

If you’re participating from the comfort of your home, you can get hands-on STEAM kits and engage in creative-making via demo videos, access a collection of STEAM resources, and indulge in parent-child bonding through a slew of participatory performances with downloadable pre-session craft materials, among others. 

You can gain access to activities online (9 ‚Äď 11 Oct) and on-site (8 ‚Äď 11 Oct) by purchasing a festival passport and when you accomplish the missions in your passport, you‚Äôll be rewarded!¬†

The STEAM Festival For Young Learners is part of ‚ÄúAn Untame: Beyond Boundaries Event‚ÄĚ.¬†

2. Nursery Rhyme Time ‚Äď A Virtual Workshop

Nursery Rhyme Time ‚Äď A Virtual Workshop
Photo credits Singapore Repertory Theatre

Location: Online - Zoom
Date: 3 Oct 2020 
Hour:¬†10.30 am ‚Äď 11.30 am¬†
Fee: $20/parent-child (register)
Suitable Ages:¬†2 ‚Äď 4 years

Enter the magical land of Nursery Rhymes, filled with colorful characters, short stories, and lots of wonderful words with¬†Nursery Rhyme Time ‚Äď A Virtual Workshop! This parent-child workshop centers on relationship building between parent and child by promoting imagination and effective communication through creative exercises such as storytelling, music & movement and games.¬†

3. Mid-Autumn Celebration at SCCC

Mid-Autumn Celebration at SCCC
Photo credits Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Location: Online
Date: Ongoing
Hour: - 
Fee: Free

To encourage a better appreciation of the distinctive Chinese Singaporean culture, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre has launched a series of online programs to highlight the customs and traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival that has its roots as a harvest festival. 

You can access their digital offerings such as Riddle Me This, an online tutorial featuring Qiu Rong from the Riddles Association (Singapore) who will teach viewers how to solve brain teasers like a riddle master; Music At Monuments - NHB x SCCC featuring our homegrown talents performing at our National Monuments, and; Kaki Says: Mid-Autumn Festival, which highlights fun facts and cool stories about the festival on their Facebook, YouTube or Instagram page.  

Visitors to the Centre can also look forward to¬†SINGAPO šļļ: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture, an interactive exhibit that allows you to discover more about the Chinese Singaporean culture.¬†

4. Escape Adventure Trails

Escape Adventure Trails
Photo credits Island Wanderer

Location: Around Singapore
Date: - 
Hour: - 
Fee: Free & Paid
Suitable Ages: 10 years and above

Island Wanderer has combined escape room-style puzzles with amazing race-style use of iconic landmarks around Singapore to produce adventurous trails known as the Escape Adventure Trails. 

How it works is that first, you choose your trail of choice ‚Äď Tradesmen, Promenade, Hidden Gem, etc. ‚Äď and you will be given a mission to solve. A chatbot will then give you clues, guiding you from landmark to landmark. You will get to solve tricky puzzles as well as explore the city and uncover her stories!

5. Kids Drumming Class by Drum Feng

Kids Drumming Class by Drum Feng
Photo credits Drum Feng

Location: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, 1 Straits Boulevard Singapore 018906
Date: 21 & 28 Nov | 5 & 12 Dec 2020
Hour: 2 pm 
Fee: Free (register)
Suitable Ages:¬†6 ‚Äď 11 years

Drum Feng is hosting a series of workshops, Music & Craft for Kids, where young ones will get to have a hands-on experience not just learning how to play but also creating their very own percussion instruments! Through the 2-hour workshop, children will learn the basics of drumming, techniques used, music theory, performing pieces, and even practice the art of performing! 

Materials will be provided and parents are welcome to join in the session! The workshop will be conducted in English and Mandarin. If this interests you, you can also check out Drum Feng’s Fun Drumming for Kids held on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 Oct 2020. Children will get to explore the world of music and drumming as well as get to interact with other children of the same age group! 



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